Tuesday, October 13, 2009

There were too many choices for this title...

OH.MY.GOSH!!!!! wanna hear how hilarious this is? (this might also
give you some insight to my sense of humor!)

So we have been having problems (MAJOR understatement) with Emery
lately and bedtime. Seriously...nightime is the worst. Anyway, that's
beside the point. So not one..not two.. But three days ago I forced
Emery to take a nap. She screamed and threw a fit so I decided to let
her nap in our bed SANS pull-ups. (that was also part of her fit..she
wanted to wear panties to bed) She had just pottied so I figured what
the heck? Well as Braun and I were hopping into bed tonight (3 days
later) he notices a big yellow spot on HIS side of the bed and
says.."Tara, has Emery been sleeping in our bed?" oh gosh... I looked
and about died laughing. He's been sleeping in her PEE for 3 days!
Hahahahahaha!!! If that would of been my side I wouldn't of laughed. I
probably would of thrown up a little. Oh the joys of kids!!!

(this picture was taken this morning. Look how scrunched poor Braun
was!) (oh and Emery usually doesn't sleep in the nude.. She must've
gotten hot mid night and stripped!)


Ben and Andria said...

Oh my gosh I about died laughing reading this post!!! Thanks for the smile, I'll carry it with me all day:)

cat said...

Oh My Gosh Tara :) , I Laughed so much reading this ! , Haha ! x

Jessie said...

Seriously I did not even notice Braun there until you mentioned him and then I looked closer. haha too funny

Anonymous said...

That made my day.

{Rollins Family} said...

ha ha ha, thats so awesome!! Can you imagine...pee for 3 days, thats HILARIOUS.
POOR Braun, LUCKY Tara, CUTE Emery :)

*Ps, thats how squised my husband is in bed, but its not one of our kids craming his style, its me!! :) Poor Eric!

{Layla} said...

BA HA HA HA, why does this not surprise me? Oh how I love little sassy Emery. We must get together and have another dinner/game/youtube/take turns entertaining Emery and Anisten NIGHT! SO fun! =)

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