Saturday, September 19, 2009

..Oh Sweet Sadie..

Get your cute little tooshy over to Oh Sweet Sadie today! It is the last day and sure to not disappoint. I will be there from 5 o'clock on tonight helping out so come and say HI! Seriously, it is AWESOME this time!! There is over 80 VENDORS!! YES.. YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY. Anyway, enough yelling. Just get over there.

If you need a map click on the "map" icon on the left side of this website!

If you have already been, what did ya think??

And since I can't post without a picture. Here is a white trash picture of my posies I made for the show. Don't worry, yours won't be caked with baby food.
There is also a TON of new Car Litter Bags to choose from. I used Paula Prass' new line of fabric and they are sassy and perfect. Your car will thank you. Whatever doesn't sell will go online so all you outatowners can be sassy too.



Jessie said...

I bought two of your car litter bags. My car is going to be so happy. Your Utes one is the perfect stocking stuffer for my husband!

denielleandshawn said...

Hey Tara! When do I get my little bag? I am so sad I missed you this weekend!

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