Monday, September 28, 2009

How CUTE!!!

My sister is having a baby boy anyday now and got some bedding made
for her wee one. Aaah! I just LOVE it! You sure can't find this at
Babies R Us :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Ya know how every now and then I will do a random post that is about a whole lot of nothing?? Well this is about to be one of those. I just watched "High Crime" and now I can't sleep. I hear a creak in my house and it gives me the heebie jeebies. So this is whats on my mind...

I signed up for a knitting class today at Dear Lizzie. I don't know what I am more excited about.. knitting or eating cupcakes WHILE knitting?? both.

I read the cutest little story about old folks love today.. it almost made me tear up. I do agree.. we all need a little more old folks love. :) Read it HERE.

I went camping this past weekend. Had a blast. Well, almost a blast. Emery and Anisten both have colds which SUCKED. Anisten was an angel.. but Emery made up for the both of them. Can you believe this was the ONLY picture that I took the whole weekend? Lame Tara Lame. Oh can you also believe I forgot mine and the girls coats? It was in the low 30's.. again Tara.. Lame.

I took this picture to show you all what I wore into a grocery store. Eeew. I looked horrible.

So I have a folder on my de
sktop titled "Things I want to Make" whenever I find something online that looks like my style, I cut and copy and throw it in that folder. I wish I knew where I got these next 2 pictures from. I have questions for her. But anyway... Isn't that blanket ADORABLE???! I love the hand quilting.

I went to Hobby Lobby today.. oh and Costco too. BOTH of them already had Christmas decorations up! Crazy...

Have all of you tried the Pumpkin Strudel muffins from Costco? Make a special trip just to get them. You will thank me.. I promise.

Does it bug anyone else when people nowadays do giveaways on their blog and say.. well if you follow me here, here and here.. enter 4 times and then repost on your own blog and comment here and that will give you 10 more entries, blah blah blah.... eeek! Whenever I see that.. I get so annoyed. It's like they think I have all day long to enter their dang giveaway? Sheesh! Sorry if any of you have done this.. I am sure some people like it.. Maybe that is just me being dumb. I dunno.

Oh isn't she adorable. No, that isn't my stroller. Yes, I do want it though.

I got Anisten dressed today and pulled out a 0-3 month onesie. I thought to myself.. I wonder if this would still fit her?? (She is 9 months) I tried it on and sure enough.. it fits her with room to spare! I am starting to wonder if I birthed a dwarf??

I haven't checked anyones blogs in weeks. I actually have over +1000 unread blogs on my Google Reader. I need to get that under control soon! I miss reading all of your blogs! If you haven't been able to tell though.. I haven't been by the computer much. It's actually felt nice. :) I am still always on Facebook though. Dang iPhone makes it so easy! That has really replaced blogging lately. Again.. my apologies.

Want to be my friend?? Click HERE.

Confessions of a SAHD.. seriously.. you GOTTA read this post. You will die laughing!

Last Sunday our dear friends the Simmons blessed their baby girl... I stole some of their pictures off their blog..

Oh sheesh.. this random blog post must come to an end. My little Emery just came into my room half asleep and its 1AM. She sure is struggling with sleeping lately. Well, sorry if this post is weird. I just have so many posts backed up I don't know where to start!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

..Oh Sweet Sadie..

Get your cute little tooshy over to Oh Sweet Sadie today! It is the last day and sure to not disappoint. I will be there from 5 o'clock on tonight helping out so come and say HI! Seriously, it is AWESOME this time!! There is over 80 VENDORS!! YES.. YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY. Anyway, enough yelling. Just get over there.

If you need a map click on the "map" icon on the left side of this website!

If you have already been, what did ya think??

And since I can't post without a picture. Here is a white trash picture of my posies I made for the show. Don't worry, yours won't be caked with baby food.
There is also a TON of new Car Litter Bags to choose from. I used Paula Prass' new line of fabric and they are sassy and perfect. Your car will thank you. Whatever doesn't sell will go online so all you outatowners can be sassy too.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Umm.. I want one.

or twenty different ones. Aren't these just the cutest lil' things you ever did see? AAHHH! I love them.. the girls and I could have a blast in these! I am imagining being served fake treats through those cute little windows! :) How cute. They are covers for your card table! Seriously, where do people come up with these things? They are found HERE!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Well sorry, this was supposed to be announced yesterday at noon.. but that just didn't happen! Sooo... without further ADOOOO the winner of the Car Litter Bag is....
#6 is The Robisons said...

this is me doubling my chance of winning!

Wahoo Amester... YOU WON! And because I am sewing my little heart out and feeling generous.. I am giving a 2nd one away too to Amber Perkins because she wrote me a stinkin' POEM! Seriously Amber.. you ROCK. Here was the poem! LOVE IT! (If you ever want to butter me up, Chocolate Chip cookies work and apparently poems do too.. ;)

The Perkins Family said...

OH Tara.... You should MOST DEFINATLEY pick ME!!! AMBER PERKINS. AMBER PERKINS. AMBER PERKINS. And HEY, I'll even write a little poem for ya to CoNviNCe you that you should pick ME!....(keep in mind I am writing this as I bare with me) it goes...

Tara Tara...YOUR PHENOMENAL you know?
You craft like a wild woman-and sew like a PRO!

I will be totally honest and tell you its TRUE..
Your AMAZING knack for those "do-it-yourself" projects MAKE ME JEALOUS OF YOU! :-)

Its astonishing, astounding, remarkable, SUPERB!
TARA...I'm not fibbing-- I MEAN EVERY WORD!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE to stalk your gritty blog,

No WONDER I say...I not surprised at ALL...
Your artistic, imaginative, clever, and cool, deviceful, formitive, gifted, and HIP, original, productive, inspiring too, inventive, visionary, I give up, the LIST COULD BE TEN FEET TALL!

So keep on craften' girl...we like what you do..
Every time I see a new post, I scream YIPEE, YEEHA, and WHOOO HOOOOOO!

I really really really need and WANT a WONDEROUS CAR LITTER BAG!

FOR: Tara Thueson

Ps: Just don't ask...Its late, and I'm weird.

Email me at bitsyblossoms{at}gmail{dot}com to claim your winnings! :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day People!! {and a GiVeAwAy!}

{all pictures from last nights video chat with my hubster. oh i miss him}

I am spending the day in Vegas! I fly out in an hour and can't wait to shop my little heart out. Be back in the morning! When I get back... I WILL be better at blogging. How about a little giveaway?? I have 2 boutiques coming up this weekend and next and am going to be sewing like a mad woman all week! So up for grabs is a Car Litter Bag from one of my new fabrics that I got! (or if there is an older one you prefer, you can choose one of those too! I will pick the winner Wednesday at noon! :) Good Luck peeps.. oh and just for fun. You can enter twice. Ooh how exciting.

With a flower:Or without:

Good Luck and HAPPY LABOR DAY!! May it be laborless! :)
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