Monday, August 17, 2009

Traveling Car Seat Tray!

Well oh well.. the time has *almost* come for us to come home! We have less than 2 weeks left here in Minnesota and I can't wait to get home! The summer has been fabulous but I have missed my house and new basement more than you can imagine. I also can't wait to get home and see friends and family! Too bad we have an 18 hour drive ahead of us. Well I heard that you can buy carseat trays for toddler seats. Have any of you tried one that you would recommend? If not, I am going to buy this one here.
I like that it buckles to the seat. The reviews say it is a tad flimsy, but that's okay. I sure hate that its blue though. Why didn't they make it black? Or better yet... pink? Nothing that a little fabric can't fix I guess. Anyway, anyone tried this or have any they could recommend to me? I want to order one today!


*LAYLA and AUSTIN* said...

YES! I finally have a picture for my header! I didn't do it the traditional way though--I had to delete the header widget and add another widget. It took me over 4 hours of reading thru help articles and code to figure it out! I can't figure out how to center it but OH WELL. I can't believe I accidentally deleted my whole blog--It took me an ENTIRE day to fix. UGH!
Anyway, can't wait to see your pretty face in 2 weeks! YAY!

JJ said...

Tara funny...I totally saw something like this the other day and just about bought it! Matt made fun of me saying it was stupid but I think it's quite Great if you ask me!

Julie said...

I have this! I bought it for a long plane ride that I didn't have my hubby with me for. But...the planes ended up being small and I never used it! I'll send it to you if you want. Let me know :)

The Thueson's said...

I ended up buying one on line that day! I wish I would of seen your comment first Julie.. I totally would of bought yours!

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