Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Poor Car...and nose.

Well oh well. I finally got my car cleaned after 3 months of being
here in Minnesota. It was a gross mess. I didn't just do any clean, I
got the works. Shampoo, vacuum, wax, you name it. Braun was in heaven.
Not even a week later I go to
costco and their dumb milk carton sprung a leak in my car. Like so bad
that it was coming outodeon underneath my car. I immediately
"Bisseled" the carpet and thought all was good. Well no.. that
certainly is not the case!!! My car smells like a sweaty FOOT and I
have to "mouth breathe" for a good 5 minutes after I get in it!! I
took it into the detailers and they sprayed some odor eater stuff on
it that didn't do anything!!

So my point with this post is how in the heck do I get it out?? I'm
sure someones gotta know!! Braun will seriously sell my car if we
can't get it out and we don't need that happenin! :(



Kara Denise... said...

Haha! I spilled milk in the trunk of our car in the summer and didn't clean it so there is a big old stain! I am surprised Greg hasn't been mad at me yet. I'm still waiting for it!

Aubrie said...

There is a machine that some detail shops have that has a thing called "ozone" that is supposed to get rid of any kind of smell..ask the detail shop if they have worked wonders in my van..good luck!

Jason, Missy and Madden Streiff said...

ewwwww barf. ha ha! did you lie at first to Braun...???!!!

*LAYLA and AUSTIN* said...

Oh poor Tara and her nose!!! Hmm a LONG LONG time ago I once bought a truck from a smoker--and I used a stink bomb thing and all the odor and nastiness went away. (You set it off in your car and leave it over night). I don't remember what the name of it was! But I would look into that!

ashlan said...

My mom had this happen after about 6 months and no luck they put a serious air freshner in it and traded it in. Maybe not the most honest but it did the trick. Good Luck!

Mike, Felisha, and Brynlee said...

Hmm maybe it's a good thing we didn't go anywhere today I'm not sure I would do well with that smell...I'm sorry I have no idea what to do. I once had a jar of spaghetti sauce break in my trunk and it smelled like garlic whenever I opened it luckily it wasn't inside my car just the trunk and we never got rid of the smell. Good Luck!!!

Jed and Sabrina said...

My sis in law did the exact same thing a few months ago but it was from a dang sippy cup (stinkin' kids!) neway, she went to sonic or whatever that car cleaning place is and they shampoo'd the carpets and put this special odor cleaner in the shampoo and told her to leave the windows down always for at least 3-5 days and it worked wonders, no more smell! Hopefully that works!

Beal Family said...

My kids spilled milk in my carpet, and it smelled like rotten milk and mildew for days. I had to shampoo the carpets twice and then sprinkle baking soda over the area for a few days and it did the trick.

denielle said...

try hydrogen peroxide or vinegar... I bet that will do it.. I hear those 2 things are the "magic" home remedies.

Anonymous said...

try sprinkling baking soda and waiting till next day and vaccum up - worked for me with terrible cat pee.

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