Saturday, August 22, 2009

Coolest Knitted Blanket Ever!

So I don't know how to knit.. but I really want to know how! And when I do, I want to make these adorable chunky knit blankets! There is a tutorial on how to make them here. Oooh wouldn't a grown up sized one be just lovely? Yes.. it sure would.

Sorry for my lack of posting lately. We move back to Utah next week and although I couldn't be more excited.. I am stressing a bit about getting everything packed up by myself with 2 kids! Luckily we are flying my dad out here to drive back with me since Braun can't. Anyway.. posting will be (and obviously has been) a bit sparse for the next little bit! Toodles!


Christiansen's said...

Hey Tara, this is totally random, but do you have a tutorial on those flowers that you now add on your car liter bags, I want to make a church bag for my little gal and think that would look so darling with it. From looking at the picture I can get a general idea but I was wondering what kind of fabric that is and the measurements. Thanks :)

Hayley Neil said...

That blanket is yummy! When are you Amy and I going to get together to start knitting stinking cute stuff like this?! Maybe once you are back in Utah, which I guess is pretty dang soon! Safe travels!

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