Friday, July 24, 2009


Soo.. while I was back home, I decided I wanted to make a quilt. Like a quilt that you QUILT??!! Make sense?? I have made plenty of blankets before (where you just sew around the edges.. easy peasy!) Well, when I got back, I picked out 12 1/2 yard pieces of my favorite colors. Pink, Green and Brown, oh and a little cream too.

I am about 6 weeks late on starting along with THIS group of people, but I am so excited to be making it!

I got all of my strips cut during one of Anisten's naps..

And sewed all of them together during a few more naps..
Now it's time to iron and cut up all of my strips into squares and sew again!! Oh gosh, I am loving it. So much time to just sit there and sort through all of my thoughts. This could be REALLY addicting. Uh ho!! :)
I can't wait to share the finished product! :)


*LAYLA and AUSTIN* said...

oh I love it. Love the colors/designs you combined!

Jessie said...

So weird....I just found Old Red Barn Co. blog and was reading it trying to figure out how to make a freaking quilt. Then I come to your blog and you've been reading the same thing. I'm not sure about the whole free hand quilting. Do you think I could make a small patch quilt for a baby and just do the edges? Maybe you don't know, but just thought I'd ask.

Ange said...

Moda sells fabric that is cut into 2 1/2 inch strips called jelly rolls. The quilts are really easy, and turn out super cute. I love the colors. I cannot wait to see the finished project.

ashley knell said...

Hey Tara! Looks like you're having a great summer! Quick question, where did you go to get your fabric? I'm currently in Utah, and know there are tons of places that have cute fabrics, but I'm just curious... Let me know! Thanks:)

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