Friday, July 10, 2009

Hey Hey Hey!

Well we made it to Utah. The flight wasn't too bad. We had this grandma sitting next to us and Em sat on her lap for half the flight. She was such a nice lady and was asking to help with everything!! Now lets cross our fingers for the flight back :) We got in really late the first night and didn't get to bed until 3AM. The kids woke back up at 7 the next morning. Now THAT was a LONG day! We have been enjoying the fantastic Utah summer days (and even better--THE NIGHTS!!) Aww.. How I love it here in the summer! No muggy-ness, my hair stays straight and doesn't frizz into a ball, family, friends & familiar faces, not using On-Star everywhere I go, my HOUSE, Oh I just love it! Really.. its awesome to live in Utah.

So, since I am not on my computer, I don't have any pictures to share.. but here is a cool one I just saw on the internet!! Seriously, how AWESOME is this?? I want it.

via Tangled and True

Oh and one more thing, I have been REALLY bad at accepting Private Peoples blog invites. It's not that I don't want to.. I always check email, blogs, etc. from my when I get a blog invite, I want to make sure I mark it as "PRIVATE" on my side bar so I know to check it (since it won't update in my google reader) Well, I end up just forgetting and then the invite expires. I have done it to SOOO many invites, I promise if you send it to me ONE MORE TIME... I will be sure to accept!!

So PRETTTY PLEASE will you send it again?? My email is tarathueson {at} gmail {dot} com!
and if you do have a private blog and didn't invite me before, send me an invite too!

Thanks again.. P.S. My blog has been so boring lately. I am sorry, summer is busy busy!


{Rollins Family} said...

that really might be the coolest bike/stroller i have ever seen!!!
i really do hope it comes to the states! i'll be the first in line (maybe second, right behind you) :)

and a flight alone with 2 rugrats?? you may just be my hero!

Jennie B. said...

Why is that bike barely coming to real life? That thing is awesome and I want one really bad! I love it! I feel like I would be much better at that than pulling a little trailer. So jealous you're home.

Kara Denise... said...

Ya rub it in that you are in Utah, but maybe it's a good thing so I can eat all of your food. At least our husbands are having fabulous dates without us.

Nate and Jamie said...

Nate agrees with your late flight! Although I think you had it harder with 2 kids. What a random thing of the two of you being on the same flight. Glad you said hi to him, he thought he recognized you too but didn't know how.

Mike and Felisha said...

Oo I am so jealous you are in Utah!! I can't wait to get back to straight non frizzy hair!! I also love the bike!! Can't wait til you get back the pools not the same without you guys here!!

Jon and Ruthanne said...

Hey, I'm Ruthanne, I went to Bigham but you probably don't know me. Anyway I was wondering if it was hard to fly with two kids, I am moving out of state soon and will be flying with my two girls. If the flight is full do they let you take two or do you have to buy two tickets? I would appreciate the info, thanks!

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