Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Holy RANDOM...

Well, I haven't blogged pictures in quite some time I feel like. So how about a bunch of Random ones. Those are the best right??

Don't mind that I look like a pig in this.. it was making Anisten laugh. Give me a break!
Kara and I went to a few Famers Markets in Minneapolis last Saturday! Here was an awesome bridge downtown!
Anisten finally fits in her cute shoes I bought her last year. Too bad Em outgrew her matching ones last winter! :(
I spy...
Sunday naps are the BEST!
Can you see downtown St. Paul?
This was on the last day of my Serger Class.. I really was sad under that smile :) haha.
Oh wowsa.. my husband is H.O.T!

Rainforest Cafe fishies.. Em really wanted to get up there but she looks terrified in this picture!

Taking pictures in the gold library doors..
SUCH a cute movie. I even got a little teary eyed!! When the house went up in the sky with all the balloons for the first time, Emery looked up at me and goes.."Thats SO beautiful mom!!" What a cutie.
Anisten on her 5 month birthday!

Emery and her cute friend Bailey out in front of the Science Museum downtown.
Anisten watching the ole' TV while I try to feed her. She's silly.

Meet the Holmsteads.. it was Jasmines birthday! So we celebrated with a Pizza Party...

hahaha... this girl makes me laugh.REALLY.hard!

I told Emery to give me her "Cutest Smile" and this was it.

Matchy Matchy!! This was their first time in matching clothes. Oooh.. I was such a proud mama! Can't wait to do it more often!

Braun came home with this for Emery. She LOVES it! :)

Freshly painted toes. First time too!
Braun doing what he does best. Fill the fridge with drinks! :)

Some of the boys cooking breakfast for us on Mothers Day! :)
This is Emery and Bailey again. I sat on the tire swing with them and took their picture as we were going around. I LOVE it! :)

Well.. there are about a million pictures for you! I hope you enjoyed them. I made the cutest little toy for Anisten yesterday. As soon as my camera is charged, I will show it to you! I guarantee you will all want to make one! :) Now comment away.. I am missing hearing from you all!


Anonymous said...

Oh Tara, your girls are so dang cute. I am so in love with Emery's hair. Can you already believe that it is June? I swear once we can get to July in this job, the rest is downhill from there. I am doing good and surviving, although I am really jealous that you are out there with your husband...I really do miss moving! Glad to see that you are having fun and I hope Braun is doing good!!

*LAYLA and AUSTIN* said...

oh my! I LOVE this post! Emery and Anisten are STINKIN ADORABLE! my goodness I just want to smush both of them with big hugs! I am loving Anisten's big smiles and her SHOES and dresses--she is a such a cutie and is growing SO fast! And EMERY geez, she just makes me smile in every picture because she has so much personality and sass! What a goof she is too. I miss them both--AND YOU of course! Oh and we miss Braun too and the good old fridge full of drinks that are in PERFECT order! ha ha ha! You are looking fabulous and I have to say you are getting good at this whole matching clothes things for your girls. What a good mama you are! =) I NEED to call you soon and I WILL. I need to hear stories--sorry I have been such a bad friend. But I will call you this week so we can chat! LOVES!

Sara & Saylor said...

That was one of my favorite posts you have posted in a long time! (not that your other posts are fabulous as well) ; ) Your girls are getting SO big! It goes by SOoooo way too fast! ADORABLE family Tara!

Kara Denise... said...

The picture of our husbands looks so cute! I love all the random pictures! Time sure is flying by when I look at those.

Mike and Felisha said...

Hmm I'm glad you posted ONE picture from Mother's Day haha I'll just have to come over and upload them I am also missing Cinco de Mayo pics did you take them or Kels? Hmm I need to make sure I get them. I can't believe how much time has gone by it is going so fast!! Crazy ok have a good night!!


That was such a fun post! It looks like you guys are having such a blast. i can't wait for this school crap to be over so we can get on with life and have some fun. Ems hair is sooo cute I just love it. Your girls are adorable. I want to see UP soo bad. Have some more fun for me I will live life through you for the summer! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I've followed your blog for a while and I just have to say that you have the cutest little family! And you are so talented! Just wondering how you were able to paint your babies toes?! Love it! And I love your blog! Cute cute! :)

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