Monday, June 8, 2009

Happy Anniversary to US!

Well Braun and I have been married 4 years as of yesterday! Oh and they have DEFINATELY been the best 4 years of my life. Braun is seriously the best husband I could of ever asked for. He definately brings out the best in me. Everyone that ever meets him always says.."Does he EVER get mad?? He is the nicest guy ever!" Aww.. it always makes me smile hearing that. Here are some pictures of our day! :) These pictures are pretty lame but we didn't really do much. It was just fun to hang out at home with him.. we decided to celebrate when we get home so we can go somewhere fun!

I decided to attempt to color my own hair.. heck, the front was super easy but the back got pretty interesting. I had to call Kara to help me out! :) Thanks sizz!
We sent Emery in to go to bed and this is what I found when I walked in a few minutes later. She must of been tired!
Haha.. I took the book and she didn't even flinch!
We went to the Mall of America to get a few things... this smile shows how excited I was to be with my husband!
and how happy he was to be with ME!! :)

Remember when it was really cute to take pictures like this? Well us Thueson's are bringing it back.

Aaahhhhhh... the most amazing mall in the world.
He was sick of pictures by this point.
Soo.. when I go into stores with cute hair things I take super spy pictures so that I can go home and make them. You should do it! At Nordys, each clip is $12..

I went in Forever 21 and got almost the exact same clips for $.75!! Wahoo!Super cute..
Love the ruffles on the bottom. I am LOVING ruffles lately. I've been adding them to EVERYTHING!
Then we went to yummy Ruth's Chris for dinner. I am pretty sure I said "This is SOOOO good!" at LEAST 50 times. But really, we have been there about 5 times and this time was definately my FAVORITE!! Did you know that their plates are 500 degrees when they bring them to you?? Braun's steak wasn't cooked quite enough and they told him to cut it into pieces and cook it up a little longer on his plate!! awesome!

My yummy sorbet!
You could even eat the cup it was in! :)
Here are some things that I love about our relationship and my Brauny...

I love that we can have sooo much fun together.
I love that I miss you soo much during the day.
I love you taking the garbage to the end of the hall so that I don't have to!
I love that we don't ever fight.
I love making dinner for you at night.
I love that you have NEVER raised your voice at me.
I love me always asking you if you have the keys or to lock the car.
I love that you work so hard so that I can stay at home with our little girls.
I think you are the hottest man alive.
I love how so many people look up to you.
I love that you spoil me.
I love seeing Emery's face when you walk in at night. She LOVES you!
I love moving away with you.
I love thinking that I get to be with you forever.
I love that you are a worthy priesthood holder.
I love that you support me in all my decisions whether they are lame or not.
I love how you are so patient!
I love my husband


Jenny said...

Cute! You are such a fun couple. Congratulations on 4 years!!

Sara & Saylor said...

You guys are SO great, and SO lucky to have eachother! ; ) Happy Anniversary!!

Jason, Missy and Madden Streiff said...

oh tara, that really was cute! happy anniversary to you both!!! and on a side note...freak I think your hair might be longer than mine. and I have to get mine trimmed too. dang it.

Aubrie said...

Knowing Braun he was driving 90 miles an hour while kissing you on the freeway, passing cars, and switching lanes!!! Congrats & Happy Anniversary to you both!

Anonymous said...

Oh Tara....I can't believe that you dared colored your own hair. That is something that I have never dared try! 2 things....I am so jealous that you went to Mall of America and I am jealous of Ruth's Chris. Oh, it has been too long since I have been there. Glad you had a good anniversary!!

*LAYLA and AUSTIN* said...

Oh Tara and Braun you two are so stinkin adorable! We love you both! Happy anniversary! And Tara your hair is fabulous! I love the color on you! You're one foxy lady! =)

Ryan and Jannali said...

gorgeous hair!! it's so dang long! I'm hoping to get extentions soon, I'm sick f this mid length hair..ugh!
congrats on 4 years glad you guys had a great day together!


Ahh, That was a cute post! congrats on 4 years that is so exciting! your hair turned out cute BTW! :)

Kara Denise... said...

It was my pleasure! And did Braun really wear his Apx shirt to the mall?! That is soooo embarrassing for you T sizz.

jkzank said...

Happy 4 years! I'm glad you two had a good anniversary, you deserve it! You guys make a fab couple! Love the blond hair!!

Jennie B. said...

I LOVED that post! Congratulations on 4 years!!! That's so long. You and Braun are so cute.

The Thueson's said...

First.. Missy, I KNOW my hair is longer than yours. Bahahahaha!! Kidding :) That comment really made me laugh though! :) And thanks for all your nice comments on my hair! It grows SOOOO stinking slow! Ugh. Coloring it myself was a heck of a lot easier than I thought! I was really suprised!

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