Friday, June 19, 2009


I found a super good deal that you need to get in on!! :) (BUT you
have to be a cosmetologist (or know one!)and live by a Peerless Beauty
Supply!) My older sister Heather has been asking me for months to find
her a beauty supply that carried Enjoy products. She LOVES this stuff
and hates paying full price for it. Anyway, I called Peerless and they
just started carrying it this week. To get their products out there
they made up a box set of a bunch of their products for only $25!!!!
That's what a SINGLE bottle of their shampoo costs.. So it's like ya
buy 1 get 9 free!! :) Retail price on all of this would be around $200-
$250 and apparently it's AMAZING stuff!! ;)


Ashley said...

Dibs! Hook a friend up! (This is an offer to hook friends up right?) haha. I'll mail you a check RIGHT now! Can I have your address please? Don't forget me! :)

Kristi Gardner said...

Thanks for the heads up! I got some and can't wait to try it!

The Ison's said...

Ooooo would you be willing to get me some? I'd love you forever if you would be willing to do so. Let me know how I can get money to you a.s.a.p! I've heard amazing things about this stuff!

Amy! said...

Nice... I will have to try it :) I think she got them at Maurices?! I have seen them at Forever Young also :)

Tara Thueson said...

I wish that I could get it for you! You can only get 1-2 per license. They're being sticklers! But if you know someone else with a license, they can just call a Peerless and say that its okay if you use their license and you can pick some up!

The Ison's said...

Aww well that bites that they are being sticklers! Thanks anyway though. =)

The Thatchers said...

I had Kali get me some!! WOOT WOOT!! Oh, and I AM doing my hair darker next Friday!! I can't wait! I am SOOOOO excited!!

Ashley said...

Has it really been a week since you've updated your blog? Come on now Tara. :) Is everything ok? Sure hope so!

The Laybourne's said...

At least you got 2 they would only give me 1! but so far I like it!!!

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