Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Can you even believe how much of a slacker I am?

Seriously. I can't. Ya know how when you get so far behind in something you don't even know where to start? That's how I feel. But I decided today I was going to for-go my daily nap (yeah right.. I got a nap in yesterday for the first time in what felt like years!) to blog! :) I hope you haven't missed me too much. This is going to be a really random post again.. we like those right?
That's a bear swimming in the window. Em LOVED it and the bear loved all of us!

Playing in the fountains outside of our apartment!

We forgot Anisten's little hat, so Em's diaper had to suffice :)

Birthday Parties for reps :)
Sooo.. sometimes I do experiments on my hair. Ya know, on days when I don't go anywhere. I can't believe I am posting this, but check out how awesome my hair turned out this experiment!! hahahahaha!! Totally Utah mom in the 90's! AWESOME! Maybe if I get less embarrassed, I will show you some of my other hair experiments. :)

My family came out to visit us for a week! It was so fun and such a nice break to have them out here :) Of course, first day here we had to go to the MOA. We spent the entire day there!Jackie got a makeover in Bare Escentuals. Which by the way.. anyone ever used their makeup?? OH.MY.GOSH!! I LOVE IT!
My mom, Anisten and me!
My mom took Emery and she got to make a little dolly. She let her pick everything out and oh boy, that doll comes with us everywhere now!
Little Anisten was worn out from the mall :)
Proud mama!
When we asked her what she wanted to name her doll, she said.. "Her name is Dolly-Barbie!" She still calls it that today! :)

It looked too fun, we all had to get in!

This is the "Stop taking pictures of me face."
Em was in heaven here!
Jordy doing a little pole dancin!

We went to B-Dub-Dubs. My moms food was NOT good so they complimented us with some free dessert. Em loved it as you can tell! My poor dads pants got the chocolate wrath. He got to the point that he didn't even care that Em's chocolatey hands were gooing up his pants. It was funny!

We went to Minnehaha falls.. I am guessing this creepy dredded statue is Mr. Minnehaha..

We rented this awesome bike and rode around the park for an hour! I got the greatest work out. Ahhh.. it was super fun!! :)

We rode over the Mississippi on our awesome bike
Later that night, we made the drive to where the boys are selling to go with them to dinner. It is 90 miles away. They have hit their dinner goal every week but once and we look forward to these dinners all week long!
Em's liking laying out in the sun!
They have the coolest pool park-y thing here! We bought everyone a season pass to it and so we are here ALL THE TIME! It is so fun!
Braun apparently got a hold of my camera :)

Ohh.. why oh why do I look so polygamist in this picture? LOL! I had just finished doing hair. Maybe I should be doing my own! haha :)
Em found out that her backpack had a whistle on it. Oh heck, that thing sure is annoying!

We did the themepark at the Mall of America TWICE while my family was here. It was fun!
Like mother like daughter. Notice how she uses her feet/FINGER TOES to maneuver things???

My sister sent me a cute picture of her dog. Aww.. I love Stella. Apparently she doesn't love her so much and wants to get rid of her. Any takers??
hahaha.. we had so much fun with a roll of scotch tape. Seriously, I reccommend you all try it.

Your face moves in crazy ways!

Their new CD is fantastic!! (Not that I've listened to it though..uh..haha!:)

Well how's that for a come back??? Can you believe there is more? There certainly is!

Ooohh-- I've got some exciting news too. That deserves its own post though! I'll be back soon! :)
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