Thursday, May 14, 2009


Check out how AMAZING this basement re-do is!! Oh my gosh.. I am in love with this ladies style! I try to do things like that (Remember Em's fish bowl bedroom and my crazy colored craft room??)

You have to go and see all the before and afters of it. A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!!

Oh my.. did I even tell you about our basement catastrophe?? Gosh, I don't think I did. Well back in January we decided to finish our basement. It was finished the first week of April. We were BEYOND excited to get it finished. We've almost lived in our house for 3 years and I have wanted it done since the day we moved in. Well where we live, we have to have a "Sump Pump" in the basement so it pushes the water upwards and out of the basement. (I think??) Well apparently when the Sump Pump was installed, they installed it BROKEN!! You know how in your toilet, when you take the lid off there is a booey thingy? I guess it was cracked or something and they installed it like that. UGH. Sooo.. we had no idea and just figured everything was fine! So we started using our water in the basement (toilet, sink, etc) Anyway a few nights before we left, we were packing up and I noticed that under the stairs it seemed a little wet. Sure enough, we lifted up the carpet and it was pretty wet. Not super wet, just a little damp. We went and bought a bunch of fans and lifted that carpet up to dry. Well THE DAY BEFORE WE WERE LEAVING.. Yes, did you read that? LITERALLY THE DAY BEFORE WE LEFT our family came over to help us pack up and move and some neighbors came to see the newly finished basement. Braun stepped down onto the carpet and it was SOAKED. Like INSTANTLY soaking through your socks WET. It was BAD. Our entire basement had flooded. Can you even believe the luck? So we started ripping up the carpet as fast as we could. We were using those water vaccuum sucker things, fans and I don't think I have seen my husband more mad than I did that day. We were ringing out towel after towel into big buckets, we ripped up all the carpet and put it on our driveway to dry. Little did we know it was SEWAGE that flooded our basement. Eeew. Sick. It grosses me out even thinking about it. So now here we are almost $11,000 dollars in damage later, baseboards torn off, the bottom 4" of sheetrock cut off on the walls, no carpet, pad, and SEWAGE all over. Can you believe the luck? I hadn't even taken pictures of the dang thing yet!

Well... enough whining about my basement. I really need to clean my apartment.. ooh and then how about I give you a little tour of our living quarters? Oooh fun!


Kara Denise... said...

I am surprised Braun is still letting you all live there after sewage flooded in his own house. I bet that was one of his worst nightmares. HaHa!

Hayley Neil said...

Tara oh my gosh! I can't believe that all happened right before you left. Wowsa is right!
Oh and I love that basement redo! I saw it a while back on this site that I am sure you will absolutely love! It is

It can be kind of eclectic sometime but overall totally awesome!

The Robisons said...

I think my apartment is well on it's way to looking like that lady's house. Lots of colors! Sorry again about the basement. Who would have ever thought you would run into bad luck. You are/were the luckiest person I knew.


Oh Tara, That is so awful. My parents have the same problem in their house. sump pumps are a pain. That is why I have decided I don't even want to mess with a basement. I will give you a little info. don't let anyone flush "lady items" in the basement. That is what causes my parents to do it. It has happened soo many times at my parents. It is a disgusting horrible thing. Sorry you had all that happen right before you left!! Its miserable!

Jason, Missy and Madden Streiff said...

Oh TARA!!! THAT is HORRIBLE! I am soooo sorry! I would have made them come fix it-boo. On a happier note-I love that play room, I also want to do really crazy colors like that too...then I get to scared!! Hope your loving your new city!

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