Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Super Duper Gift Set!!

Oh how I would LOVE to get this.. anyone want to make me one? haha.. :) Anyway.. if you are feeling UBER crafty and need a baby shower gift for someone, this is for you!

Juicy Bits has the tutorial! It includes a baby blanket, a reversible bib, a burp cloth, and an embellished onesie. The tutorial is offered in two parts. Read Part 1 to find out how to make the blanket. Read Part 2 to find out how to make the bib, the burp cloths, and the embellished onesie!


Ashley said...

Hey I have a random question for you, didn't you make a wet wipe container cover? If so, where did you get the pattern and was it hard. Also, your car seat cover that you made I loved it, where did you get that pattern.

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