Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nightly Walks :)

So now that it is FINALLY warming up here in good ole' Minnesota, we are starting to be able to enjoy this city! I've gotta say, it is beautiful here! When we first got here, I called my dad and told him how ugly this place was. I don't think I saw a single green leaf anywhere. Well not anymore! It is super pretty and we live in such a nice place. Aaahhh.. I love it! The other night we went on a walk along the river. Emery loved picking me flowers and telling me how "beautiful" everything was!

These are our multi-colored apartments! Don't ya LOVE them?? ha! :)
And then there was Diesel and Ellie having to sniff every.little.disgusting.thing.out.there. Gosh, how come dogs are so gross??

Emery had had enough with the pictures at this point! I tried to hurry-hence the blurriness!
Hope everyone is having a WONDERFUL day!!:)


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