Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So I was at Joanns sometime last week and saw this book. I've been
searching on the Internet for a "list maker" for an entire house
CLEANSE!! Well seriously, this books AWESOME!! It goes through
everything. Things you would never think about are in there. It's a 52
week organizing plan and you go from room to room, folder to Folder,
top to bottom til it's done! Oh doesn't that sound nice? It gives you
a week to do each task(that's MY kind of time frame!!) and then ya
just keep it up and you'll be organized in no time! :) Anyway, I
highly recommend it. Too bad we move on Monday and won't be able to
try it out til we get settled back.

Oh shiz... Moving on Monday??? Gotta go. Millions of things are
waiting to be done. I can't wait til we get moved and I can just sit
on the couch and do absolutely nothing all day long. Okay maybe that's
a stretch. A HUGE stretch.



I don't think there is such thing as doing nothing when you have kids! Especially you, I don't think I believe that you know how to sit still. It seems like you are always busy doing something crafty.

Letti said...

I am so going to buy that book. Thanks for sharing the info.

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