Thursday, April 9, 2009


So with Em I pretty much read every minute of the day
and knew when (or around when) she was going to start doing certain
things. It's different for everyone I know, but when did your kids
start doing these things? Cause I can't remember.

Sit up on their own?

Grab a toy?

Start eating rice cereal?

Roll over?


If you remember one or all.. Answer away!! I'm having serious mommy
brain today!


The Parks Fam said...

Madden plays with toys and rolls from his tummy to his back. No rice cereal yet, thats not till after the 4 month check up. I think sitting is anywhere between 4 and 6 months. Crawling, who knows! Every baby is so different on that one. Dax didn't crawl till he was almost 11 months! which is kinda late in my opinion. I always read babycenter with Dax, not as much with Madden this time. It's the 2nd child thing! ha!

Caleb and Rachel said...

Hank was rolling over at 3 or 4 months... I'm thinking it was closer to 4months. He started crawling at 5 1/2 months and walking at 8 or 9 months. I don't think Ruby will be as fast as Hank with anything... she's pretty laid back but I'm ok with that.

Magdalena said...

Mine didn't walk until almost 20 months, but now at age two says things like "scrumptious" and "of course mama" so I agree with the first comment, every baby is so very different.


Brayden has done things pretty early. All babies are definitely so different.
Sit up on their own? 5 months
Grab a toy? 3 months
Start eating rice cereal? 6 months
Roll over?between 3 and 4 months
Crawl?? 6 months
He walked when he was 9 months.
Its hard to say what is normal. I don't really think there is a normal though! Everyone just learns things at different times!

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