Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I'm loving the weather we had yesterday! It got me in the mood for
summer. It made me realize glitter toe season is back!!! Yahooo!

And some ramblings just because I feel like it!!...

Our basement is finished!!!! Oh I am so happy about that. Braun and I
pulled an all nighter last night moving stuff around and putting junk
away! There is still plenty to do but I couldn't stay awake any
longer. We both crashed on the couch and I woke up to a hungry baby.
It's going to be a long day! ;) I think I got about 3-4 hours sleep. I
got more than Braun though! Eek! We bought some new couches yesterday
for upstairs.. Brought them home and they pretty much took up the
entire living room. So we are headed to take them back now. I sure
hope we find something today! I'm sick of looking...

Our phone line AND Internet have been out since the end of last week.
Hence the lack of blogging with anything but my phone. That bugs me.

I have a doctor app tomorrow... I haven't felt like myself lately and
I wanna see what's up.

I tried to start up potty training Emery today... After 5 accidents, I
gave up!! I swear the girl is going backwards.

We are blessing Anisten on Sunday!! I found her the most adorable
little dress in Vegas this weekend. She is going to look fabulous!

Oh Sweet Sadie is next weekend and I haven't prepared a darn thing.
Better get working on that!

And last but certainly not least....

We move in 2 weeks!!! Aaahhhh!!!
(you should see my list of To-Do's! It's a mile long!)


Kelley said...

You should get the elmo's potty training dvd. There's a song called- "it's potty time" very effective!

and no pics of the finished basement?!!


Man, you are a busy lady!? How do you do it?!

The Arthurs said...

We are blessing Taelie on Sunday too! I am so excited! I just picked up her blessing dress a few minutes ago. I LOVE it! I can't wait to see pics of Anisten in hers! Can you believe our little babies are already 3 months old?! Good luck getting everything ready to's crunch time now! :)

Mike and Felisha said...

Oo you will have to do my toes soon!! I'm excited to see Anisten in her dress! You got that bow right? So cute!! Also you need to let me know what I am bringing for Sunday!!

Kels said...

why haven't I seen your basement yet? or come to watch conference? (man i feel bad for that one). oh ya, cuz maybe we're moving in a week and a half too...unreal!

and i say don't stress about the couches, they're not gonna be put to much use in the next 4 months right? i guess it'll be nice to have when you get back though. still leavin on the 22nd?

The Robisons said...

Glitter toe season and you're leaving me? What are you thinking?

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