Monday, April 27, 2009

Guess What???

We are getting back in touch with the world today. I feel like I
should run down the hall doing heel clicks and singing at the top of
my lungs!! :) I never thought I'd be so excited to get Internet or
Direct TV. Or maybe it's that Emery can finally watch movies on Apple
TV again and I don't have to entertain her 24/7 with all the toys I
somehow didn't bring out. Gosh, I sure forgot a lot of stuff. You
never would of guessed that by how tight I packed that U-Haul.
Anyway... Todays going to be a good day. I can feel it!! :)

This is a pic of Em taking the dogs out. In her hand is the pooper
scooper bags the apts supply that she feels she needs to wear for
hours at a time. Clean ones of course!! :) That bridge goes over the
Mississippi right behind our apartments. There's a ton of bridges
right by us. They look so cool!


Letti said...

What a beautiful view you have. I am so happy to see that you will be posting again.

Mike and Felisha said...

YAY!! I totally know how you feel!! YAY for technology!! What ever happened to coming over...those chocolate raisins are still calling for you:)

*LAYLA and AUSTIN* said...

I've missed yoU!

Ashley said...

Hey Eliza has that same dress!! How do you like your new city?

Hayley Neil said...

I am so glad you guys arrived safely and you are back to the blogging world officially! This picture of Emery is hilarious! I think this is the only picture I will ever see of a toddler taking out the dogs and carrying the poop bag!

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