Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Baby Showers!!!

Cute Lisa has already had her baby but here she is at her shower!! :) As we were sitting there chatting, we realized that mostly ALL of our friends have had little girls. When are we going to start getting some boys? So we gathered all of them around Lisa and had to take some pictures! Em is naked because she peed through her clothes. Yes, right on Lisa as she was opening all of her gifts. Poor girl!! I am still sorry about that Lisa! :)

Anisten and her friend Kenley!! They were born on the same day!

Oh Lisa.. you are such a good sport!! :)

P.S. I know a bunch of you wanted those pictures from the shower.. if you want them, email me and I will send them your way! tarathueson {at} gmail {dot} com


Hayley Neil said...

Holy girls! That was such a fun day. I am definitely emailing you for these pictures. I can't wait to see Lisa's baby!

The Robisons said...

send them my way please! Hope you're having fun so far away!

Nate and Jamie said...

You girls are so cute! All of our friends are the opposite... we seem to not be able to get girls beside Cami and Jodie. Everyone that has 2 kids now have 2 boys! Can you all share the girls??

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