Thursday, April 30, 2009

4 Months...

Well my little girl is 4 months!! Wow.. where did the time go??

This is where Anisten sits while I get ready! The sink.. its perfect size!

Here are some things about Anisten right now...

Not sure on the stats.. we had to miss your 4 and 6 months doctor appointments due to the move!
You LOVE being held. The second you get put down you start to cry.
(Although you do love your toy where you lay on your back and swat at your toys!)
You still won't drink from a bottle.
You love trying to grab at my crochet hook.
You have a fake cry-half squeal you just started which is adorable!
You are still really petite..
You will smile on command :) and its really contagious!
You LOVE your older sister! You smile whenever she's around!
Getting your bum changed is your favorite parts of the day!
You have started waking up twice a night which is killing your mama!
You would chew on my thumb all day if I let you..
We tried rice cereal for the first time last week and you liked it the first time..not the second or third time though!
You are still on Prevacid for Acid Reflux, but seem to be doing much better!
You still have HAIR!!
You LOVE LOVE LOVE to be wrapped up super tight in blankies and be snuggled.
You get told all the time that you look just like your daddy! (Same with Emery!)

We sure love having this little girl in our family. I honestly can't remember life without her.. We LOVE you Anisten!


Caleb and Rachel said...

She's a cutie Tara. I get told all the time my kids look like my husband... what do ya do? But the times they say they even look a little like me I'm lovin' it. I can't believe are girls are almost the same age- I didn't realize they were so close.

Letti said...

I can't believe she is already 4 months old. That went by so fast. She sure is cute with her little smile.

The Parks Fam said...

Madden has started waking up twice a night too!!!! What the heck? HE went from sleeping through the night to this!! I asked his doctor about it at his 4 month check up today and he said to give him rice cereal before bed, so maybe you should try that too. I can't believe its been 4 months! Time flies! Anisten is a DOLL!!!

*LAYLA and AUSTIN* said...

ooh I miss this little cute bum. She is starting to look like Braun--sorry. Although she looked like you in the beginning so maybe in a few years she will look more like you again! She is growing so fast--she will probably be crawling by the time I see her cute face again!

Jason & Casey Coutts said...

She is so cute:) and I love the sink trick, I will have to use that one for sure!

Calypso said...

What gorgeous little girls you have. I LOVE the sink picture!

(The word verification for this comment is "funtaps" - how apt!)

Jenny said...

She is adorable! Four months flew by!

thehaagas said...

She is so cute. She reminds me so much of Kenley. Kenley has started squeal too most of the time it's cute.

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