Friday, March 13, 2009

Brauns baby splurge...

So when it comes to kids supplies and needs, Braun doesn't really have
much of an opinion. Last summer though Braun decided that his
favorite store was R.E.I. and with that came him bringing home all
sorts of random items. Well one good thing that came from his
obsession was the "Nalgene Sippy" They ROCK. No leakage, they're
durable as all heck, and they have a cute little hole so they can
carry them around with ease. I swear I lost all her last supply dad
bought. So when dad made his REI run today... He stocked up. She is
one happy chick!

Anything your husband is super picky about???


Cherice said...

Tara... Please please please forgive me for not getting with you for the exchange. I promise I have been going through so much and I really am not just a flake. I will come and get it tomorrow!!! I am sooo sorry!!!

The Mcclellan Family said...

He won't let his sugar bear wear Dora, Diego, Cinderella, or any other "character clothes." He loves to buy her dresses though. Aw. Fun post Tara.

Mike and Felisha said...

I was going to ask you where you got those!! Brynlee loved using it actually I don't know if she liked it or if she just liked that it was Ems who knows!!

Melissa (Missy) Eva Streiff said...

toilet paper. im not kidding.

Melissa (Missy) Eva Streiff said...

oh wait was that suppose to be if my hubby was picky about baby stuff??? lol. nope not really.

*LAYLA and AUSTIN* said...

My hubby is picky about everything--except food. But anything that is "HIS" he is super picky about it--don't touch it, move it, don't even look at it. woah. But then again I am clumsy and break things easily so maybe he is just that way with me! ha!

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