Sunday, March 8, 2009

10 Things that I LOVE today <3

This was supposed to be on here on Sunday but for I hit SAVE instead of POST! Woops! :)

1. I love that I just got back from spending a great night in Midway with my wonderful husband!!

2. I LOVE Prevacid for making my baby girl happy again!

3. I LOVE that I just called my mom and asked her if she forgot to invite us over for dinner. I also LOVE that she pretended that she forgot to, but that we are headed over for yummy roast and potatoes in a bit and I plan to DOMINATE in Settlers of Catan later.

4. I love that we have new and exciting things in our near future.

5. I LOVE that I am re-watching the last season of LOST today. It makes my head spin because it is so confusing.. but I need to catch up.

6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new camera. P.S. I am selling my old D50--email me if you are interested!

7. I LOVE that our basement is going to be finished in about 2 weeks. Painting starts Tuesday! P.S. Did I ever tell you that I haven't been able to get into my craftroom for the past month and a half? It is stocked full of our basement junk.. Boo.

8. I love that we are moving somewhere exciting in a month and a half.

9. I love to CROCHET!!! Why did it take me so long to learn??

10. I love how entertaining Emery is lately. She thinks she needs to feed her babies "booby milk" all day long.

**Bonus Love** =These 2 peeps! (Plus the one above--I don't have a picture of the 4 of us..technically she is in this one too. Hence the bellay!-- I am rambling now)
Hope you all have a fabulous day!!!


ashswindler said...

Tara, you love a lot of really great things :). Where are you and Braun going this summer? Don't you guys do a lot of traveling in the summer months for his job? And I'm so jealous about your basement....

Olivia Carter said...

Oh, Settlers of Catan, LOVE that game! Hope you dominated the competition. My husband & I are famous for beating ANYONE we play.

Kristen said...

How much are you selling your camera for? I have been begging for a nice one for a little while now. I don't know much about what is good. I just know that mine is very bad. Thanks for the email about the Gap discount! Might being doing some damage this weekend!

Hayley Neil said...

Great post! I wish I could buy your camera. I want a nice one so bad! Also I really really wish I lived closer too so you, Amy and I could craft all day long! I want to make that ABC quiet book but really want people to make it with. I think someday the three of us should open up some kind of cool boutique.

Lindsay Jane said...

Tara and I are loyal readers of your blog but almost never comment because of the Platinum/APX drama. We're glad Braun's back at APX, partially because we get to work with him again, but also because we can comment with reckless abandon. Tara's blog is private, but feel free to check mine out any time. It's not nearly as fun as yours, but it only seems fair that you blog stalk me if I'm blog stalking you.

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