Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Last Post I SWEAR!!

Okay this is the last post about Morroccan Oil I swear.. the beauty supply did FINALLY get in the smaller bottles of it yesterday. If you want me to get you some today, let me know. I am heading there probably around 5 or so today. Email me at tarathueson {at} gmail {dot} com if you want some. Again, prices are $19 ($20.18 with tax) and $38 ($40.37 with tax) for the larger one.

So far everyone that I have gotten it for LOVES it!! Yay :)

P.S. Even if you told me before that you wanted some, email me again.. sometimes I forget!


Aly G said...

hey, so glad someone swears by that stuff besides me! I call it liquid gold in bottle! I sell it by the dozen i swear! Can you believe how great it makes anyones hair feel? LOVE IT!!

Anonymous said...

i love it too, i love how it makes my hair blow dry quicker with out the frizz. woo woo

Kelley said...

YAY!!!! Thanks soooo much! ya I totally still want it! when and where should I get it? yay!!!!!!

Catherine said...

you dont know me..but i stalk your page. is that weird? your just so creative i cant get over it. Every time I try and do something creative it just turns into a blob and looks like i tried too hard. anyways. keep up the fabulous posts! you keep bored pathetic girls entertained around the world!

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