Friday, February 27, 2009


Oh this little girl is awesome!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Posies, Peonys and Posies....

Here is a sneak peek of what I have been doing lately!! Website/Blog/QB restock coming by the end of the week!!! (FINALLY!!!)

Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm off...

To take this little chick to the doctor to find out why she finds it
necessary to cry ALL.DAY.LONG! Wish me luck!! I'm also thinking I need
to force a binky upon her. Ya know, to help my sanity (and my "you
know whatties") .....Again, send some good luck my way ...or some lovely parental advice. I seriously need it.

Well, I am now back from the doctor. She has some good ole' Acid Reflux along with a little fever from her cold! They put her on Prevacid. Hopefully that will help! They also put some stuff that made her eyes GLOW under the black light to see if she had scratched them. It was super creepy and it scared the heck out of Emery. haha ;) Poor girl! Em kept going, "They hurt her mommy!" It also amazes me the memory that Em has already. Remember at your kids 2 week check up how they put the glove filled with warm water on their little heel? Well.. Em saw a glove and asked me to put warm water in it. I didn't even have clue as to why she would want me to do that, but I did it anyway. Well.. I filled it up for her and she immediately went to put it on Anistens heel! Too funny.. that was almost 6 weeks ago! Am I just dumb or do kids really remember things from that long ago and its normal?? Okay.. now I am sounding dumb. I better go.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Its 6:33AM and I'm already awake...

WHY??? I am going to be on TV with these two lovely ladies!!! :) Watch either Channel 2 or 14 (KJZZ) from 9-10 this morning!Yes, we are at Jonas Brothers concert. Whats it to ya?

(hahhaa... I can't wait for another Twilight Premier!)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I am starting a Private Family Blog!

Thanks again Amy for the great pictures. I still need to post them. Gosh.. I am way behind.

So this has been something that I have been thinking about doing for a long time now. I want to have a Private Family Blog. No links on the side, no crafts, just all about our little family. Lots of pictures of us, the kids and all of the little details I want to remember. I want to get it all set up and cute before I invite people to it, but if you would like an invite, leave your email here. It will be a week or so before I send invites. This blog will still stay here and I will keep updating it like I do so don't worry about that!

I honestly didn't think this many people would care to read our family blog. Its definately a compliment, so THANK YOU! I feel like I also need to add this. If you have left a comment and you don't have a blog that I can also check or left it anonymously (meaning I have NO idea of knowing who you are/you might OR might not be a creepy stalker and I have no way of finding out!) I am sorry, but that kind of defeats the purpose of me having a private blog. I love that so many people came out "blog world hiding" though.. invites will be sent soon! :) It's been started but in blogger which as a few people mentioned, you can only have 100 viewers. Maybe I will try and switch it to somewhere else with more options. We'll see I guess.

P.S. Did you know that poopy green was my favorite color?? I tried to find a poopy green font color, but that didn't work out.

Need a cute baby gift???

How about these cute burp rags and bibs? I love those bibs. What a great idea!! :) I'm not going to lie, I was a little confused as to how those bibs work, but read through the whole thing and you will figure it out. Find the tutorial HERE. I would love to get those as a gift!

Answer Time!!

Natalie asked: I want to know about Brauns job. What does he do during the winter? Is he a supervisor or what? Just wondering!

Braun works for a Summer Sales Company called Platinum Protection. This is his 6th year doing summer sales. He started there as a sales rep working in Detroit Michigan, then managed his own offices in Fairfax Virginia, Atlanta Georgia and Miami Florida. The next year he became a Regional Manager and managed 5 offices (which allows me to travel with him A LOT and I LOVE it! :) ) and he is doing it again this summer. In the off season (now), he does a TON of recruiting.. (anyone need a job??) Basically Braun is a busy busy man. It is great though because his job has allowed us to travel to a lot of fun places and let us do things we never would of been able to do otherwise. The best part about it... he LOVES it!

Isadora asked: I have a question, I would like to know what camera do you use?

I am assuming (and hoping) you are not talking about my iPhone pictures! haha :) I need to be better about taking pictures with my nicer camera. I know I am going to regret it soon! I have a Nikon D50 with an 18-135 lens and a fixed 50mm lens. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my 50mm lens. I think everyone should have one. Plus, they're cheap! Less than $100! On my list of things that I want is a Nikon D90. Oooh.. I would love to be able to take video with my camera and that one lets you. Super Cool!

Sara asked: where did you an Braun meet and how long have you been married?

Braun and I met when I was a sophomore in High School. He had a girlfriend and I had a boyfriend. We were just really good friends until he went on his mission to Dallas, Texas. I saw him right after he got home. We went and had some ice cream cones at McDonalds and I always just thought he was so cute. Never thought there was any emotional interest at all.. we saw each other country dancing about a year later and he asked me to dance. I must of really impressed him with my sweet dance moves! :) We hung out everyday after that. Got engaged two months later and and married three months after that! We have been married almost 4 years and I love him to pieces!! :)

My weird friend Greg asked: "Tara with you being so amazing with all your crafts and stuff. I was wondering if you made bracelets that say WWTD What Would Tara Do?"

Greg.. you are such a dork and I am scared for your unborn child. Why does Emery love you so much?? hahahaha ;) Just kidding Greg. You know I love you! P.S. When are you going to teach Braun some of those sweet moves you were telling me about??

Senessa Asked: I would love to know how you learned to make that headband, it's to die for. Please share :)

Aren't they fun?? Well here is how the inspiration started.. My dad knows that I LOVE headbands. He was watching TV one day when THIS girl came on and was explaining how to make them. I hurried and called Jenna cause I knew she would love them like I did. We both got all excited, went and bought supplies (BTW.. crocheting is CHEAP & EASY hobby if you are looking for one!) I called a few grammas to see if they would teach me. I got impatient and YouTubed some videos and FOUND THESE. She also has 440 other videos incase you are interested HERE. If anyone wants to come over and make them maybe these can be our first project for craft night, let me know if you are interested!

Well that was fun! :) Thanks for your questions!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Question TIME!! :)

So I have a fun idea. Maybe it will be more fun for me than you, but still fun. (did that make sense?) I get a lot of questions in the comments or by emails. If you have asked one, I am sorry. I am not the best at answering them! I AM trying to do better though, promise. I figure, if I have a designated QUESTIONS POST I can answer them all here. Fun? Yes. So I thought this would be a good way to get to know me, ask questions about crafting, Bitsy Blossoms, my family, Brauns crazy work, anything. Wellll.... just about anything. Lets be real here folks! :)

(Or maybe I just really wanted to blog and have nothing else to blog about..)

For example..:

How do you find time to do so many crafty things??
(I get this one a lot, and if you saw my house.. you would understand!)

Tara: I really let myself, kids, and house go crazy for a few days. Braun minds, but I certainly don't. Ooh and I start a lot of projects and only get half way through them. You do that too, right?

Did you ever finish Emery's room?

Tara: No, but I will soon! I still walk in feeling like I am in a fish bowl (Thanks for the comparison, Amy!) Hopefully I will paint it this week. We'll see though. I can think of a million other things I would rather do than paint. Any takers??

Make sense?? Question away!!!


P.S. I just looked over to see Emery giving Anisten a wet willy and just giggling. Dang Braun, why do you teach our kids these things?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Look what I just made!!!

I can FINALLY crochet!! :) If you want to learn, I will teach you! You just can't ask any hard questions cause I'm sure I won't be able to answer them.
Sorry about the awkwardness of this picture... I HATE taking pictures of myself. But I had to. You needed the full effect. Is the CHEEZY-NESS of this one better??

No. Definately Not.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The GOAL...

Wish me luck!! I'm off to get my hair did...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Last Post I SWEAR!!

Okay this is the last post about Morroccan Oil I swear.. the beauty supply did FINALLY get in the smaller bottles of it yesterday. If you want me to get you some today, let me know. I am heading there probably around 5 or so today. Email me at tarathueson {at} gmail {dot} com if you want some. Again, prices are $19 ($20.18 with tax) and $38 ($40.37 with tax) for the larger one.

So far everyone that I have gotten it for LOVES it!! Yay :)

P.S. Even if you told me before that you wanted some, email me again.. sometimes I forget!

Potty Training is on the mind..


Monday, February 9, 2009

My little Em..

isn't so little anymore.
Everyday this girl amazes me with the things that she does. She has such a good memory for a 2 year old. When I was looking through some of these pictures she started saying.."Pumpkin mommy, PUMPKIN!!" I hadn't even shown a picture of a pumpkin, but when we were taking these last October, all she wanted to do was hold the pumpkins that were right by us.

She is such a fun little girl to have in our home. She (almost) always has a smile on her face. She is constantly cracking me up with the things that she has to say! (hence all of the "boob" posts) She brings such a sweet spirit around here and makes it impossible to be mad for very long!

I am attempting to potty train her right now... wow that has NOT BEEN very fun. Although, I decided to take her diapers away COLD TURKEY yesterday morning and she hasn't had an accident yet! We are going on about 30 hours... YES! I sure hope this works. She is a stubborn girl that is for sure..
Back when I was pregnant with Emery, I used to say.. "I want a curly haired, olive skin, brown eyed girl" and I got exactly that. Never in a million years did I think I would have to tame a fro everyday.. but I wouldn't have it any other way!
She is such an AMAZING big sister to Anisten. I was terrified that there would be a jealousy problem between them, but Emery has been fabulous. She always rushes to Anistens side whenever she hears a peep out of her. She is such a good helper.
I am not sure what I ever did to deserve a little girl like Emery. She is such a great girl. We LOVE you Emery!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Baby Cora...

I have been following this story about Baby Cora since they found out she had cancer... only 2 weeks ago.
Today they definately need prayers sent their way. Baby Cora went to heaven today.. I can't even imagine what they are going through. Go leave them a comment and send some love and prayers their way. Click HERE to see their blog.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Soulja Boy!!!

Tonight we found out where all of Brauns offices are going this
summer! It was SOOOO fun! They picked some great cities and I can't
wait to visit all of them! This is the annual Soulja Boy dance
celebration after the draft. Oh I love it!

Lunch Dates!!!

Well my little sister came and slept over the other night and hung out with Emery for 24 hours straight (Thanks again Jackie!!) I was able to go to Joanns with only 1 child (I took them both out for the first time with ME as the only adult last Saturday and totally lost Emery in Michaels Craft Store.. yes.. 2 kids is a scary SCARY thing!) and then went to lunch with some of my favorite people !!! We got to Olive Garden at lunch time and stayed clear through DINNER! Yes.. you read that right. Anisten had to eat 3 times while we chatted cause we were there for so dang long! All of our husbands work together so I get to see these girls quite a bit in the off season:) Thanks for a fun day Casey and Layla! Can't wait to see you again tonight!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Well I finally caught her cute little smile on my phones camera. Oh
she is growing up way too quick. My doctor called to schedule my 6
week exam (OUCH!!) and it's tomorrow! What the heck?? Where did the
time go? Could someone please invent a pause button?? I'm not even

Ooh I made my blog a little more Valentiney!! Like it?

Monday, February 2, 2009

Random Thinkings...

Well, this post is going to be quite random. I have a lot on my mind this morning I guess. Emery slept at Brauns parents last night. I had a list of things I wanted to get done bright and early this morning, but its 9:51 and I am still laying in bed with the little one. Does it get any better than that? No. I think not.

Okay.. here is where the randomness starts!

Have any of you heard of Moroccan Oil?? I was in the beauty supply about 2 weeks ago and all these ladies were talking about how amazing something was. I walked a little closer to them..ya know.. to snoop.. anyway, what I got from their conversation was this was like the most amazing hair product ever..made your hair super smooth, helps it dry 40% faster, keeps your color longer, and had about 30 other uses I swear.. anyway I hurried and picked myself up a bottle and decided to try it for myself. Sure enough... I LOVE IT! It makes your hair SOOO incredibly soft, shiny, and smooth. If you do hair, you can also mix it in with your color and bleach as well.
Okay so Braun's cousin came and stayed with us this weekend (BTW.. Jenn, thanks so much for staying with us! I miss you already :) ) and we were chatting about hair stuff.. well, sure enough.. she asks if I have heard of Moroccan Oil.. and that her beauty supply can't keep it in stock long enough for her to get any! THEN.. my sister asks me if I had heard of it cause she had heard how awesome this stuff is!? Anyway.. you all gotta get some. If you don't know of anyone that does hair, let me know.. I can get it for you for WAAAY cheaper than Salons sell it. (Like 50%) So if you like shine serums or creams like Biosilk, etc.. this is WAAAY better. It helps PREVENT problems and to top it off, it smells great! Oh and it works wonders on Em's fro too!
Edited to Add: I called the beauty supply (Peerless BTW) to see if they have it in stock. The one in Draper only had the large size, but are calling me when the smaller comes in. They have it in 2 sizes. The 3.4 oz is $19.00 plus tax and the 6.8 oz. is 38.00 plus tax! Here is what they said about it:

The reason it helps your hair dry faster is because it goes into the cuticle and pushes the moisture out of it. It coats the cuticle of the hair making your color last longer. It also rebuilds the elasticity of your hair if you are having issues with that (who isn't??) and it doesn't make your hair greasy at all! I accidentally put a TON of it through my bangs the other day and was soooo suprised it didn't turn into a grease ball. They said the reason it doesn't make it greasy is because it goes INTO your hair shaft or whatever. Anyway.. basically it is awesome stuff. If you want some, you can email me and when the beauty supply gets it I will let you know!

Next random thought.. have any of you seen TAKEN?? OH.MY.GOSH. BEST SHOW EVER!!! I am not kidding. I probably stunk so bad after that movie because I was sweating like crazy. Super intense. Platinum is showing it tomorrow after their meetings if your hubby/bf works there. If I can find a babysitter (any takers??) I will be there for sure!

Sooo.. I am repainting Em's room. ICK. I painted it a while back. It is light blue.. When I go in there, my head starts to spin a little bit though. Its pretty BLUE. But want to hear what I am re-painting it to?? WHAT IT WAS BEFORE!! And Braun refuses to help me. Yeah, I should of learned from before that I don't like bright colors. Remember the craft room RE-DO?? But no... I am actually really happy about what I am doing to it now though. It will match the rest of our house but still be girly and cute. Want to see the blue? Eeew. I am taking back all the bedding too.. it isn't ME?? I need something not-so-girly.
Well little Anisten turned 1 month last week! Crazy.. it is going by WAAAY too quick. She started smiling on her own on Saturday. Oh I just LOVE it :) Such a fun little girl. Her big sister loves her too! I was so worried before I had Anisten that I was going to have a hard time "sharing" the attention. I was worried that Emery would feel bad having a new baby around.. but no. She has done so good. She is always wanting to help with her.. oh I am just loving it all! I tried getting a picture of the 2 of them the other day.. Em wouldn't sit still so it didn't really work out. Don't mind her creepy eyes.

I got out of the shower and put my hair into a bunch of braids to see how funny it would look the next morning. Eeew.. that was HORRIBLE idea.
So.. I am allergic to my wedding ring after having Anisten. Weird. I am pretty sure it happened with Emery too, but not near this bad. I can't even wear it for a minute without it starting to itch me like crazy. Any tips on what I should do? It makes me sad that I can't wear it! Weird thing is, I can wear it on my right hand with no problem. HECK that is annoying!

Have any of you heard of If you like the Bachelor, you will LOVE this site. Check it out!

Does anyone know where I can find Kraft Cardstock in large packs?? Like of 25-100 pieces? I need it like.. now! In 8.5x11 please.

ANNNDDD...have any of you seen the new magazine Simply Handmade??? OMG. I am obsessed. It is a CRAFTING magazine! Teaching you how to do all sorts of crafts. Apparently they have a blog HERE. And you can sign up for the magazine HERE. Thank me for introducing you to it in the comment section below! :) hahaa...Oh I love it!

Ohh.. one more random thing. I have been asked to teach a blogging class at Pebbles in my Pocket!! Exciting eh?? Well.. what kind of things would you want to learn about blogging? I need some ideas on what to teach. Also, would you be interested in coming? What would people want to learn?? How to switch templates, add tickers, friend lists.. what else??

Okay so... this was a SUPER RANDOM post. WOW! Moroccan Oil, TAKEN, Ugly Blue Paint, 2 adorable girls, MY fro, wedding rings, i hate green beans, Kraft Cardstock, magazines and blogging classes. See.. my mind really was all over the place today!

Have a great day! I am off to put on a brazziere and clean my kitchen. Not just in my bra of course..
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