Monday, January 19, 2009

Our Weekend..

Well, we didn't do much this weekend but still had fun like always. So I am going to just post a bunch of random pictures from it (all taken from my phone)

So Potty Training is going PRETTY well. We made her a Potty Chart and let her pick out a bunch of stickers from Target last week. We started on January 14th and have about 2 rows filled up. It is all me that is holding her back though. I have a hard time remembering to put her on the toilet every hour. BUT I am proud to say that I haven't changed a single poopy diaper since the 14th. Yeahooooo! Oh and don't mind her morning hair.. or the pee in the toilet sitting next to her. I am a proud mom okay??
This is my sisters dog Stella. I am not sure why I put her on here. But she is super cute huh? I think she still weighs less than 2 pounds... She might be 2 now though. Look at how teeny her little body is.. her head kinda throws you off cause her hair is so fluffy! My sister found an awesome breeder if you are interested in teeny tiny Shih-Tzu's! She is getting another one in March :) Double Click the pic to see the teeny-ness!
Bedtime :)
Do you think Braun is missed when he isn't here??
So I went and restocked my booth at the Quilted Bear after 2 months of not going in. Pathetic huh? I have been a little busy though! :) So now is the time to get a Car Litter Bag if ya want one! It is filled to the Brim!! The Quilted Bear is on 145 W. 7200 S. in Midvale. Be sure to go around lunch time though and eat at the Hungry Bear inside the store. Oh and invite me to come :)

So after I went there, I had to take full advantage of having NO KIDS with me. So I went over to a store I could be in for hours. Check out these super spy pictures taken from my phone inside the store. Can you believe all that ribbon?? Holy SMOKES!!
Wow... and this was about 1/4 of it. The rest of the store is more ribbon, fake flowers, and home decor. Invite me to come if you go there too! :)
So yesterday after Church, I had just finished feeding Anisten. (Hence the drunken look on her face!) When Emery comes up to me with a Dixie cup in her hand. She looks at me with the straightest face and goes.."Mommy.. BOOB MILK IN IT!!" haha! I was DYING laughing. This isn't her first time asking for some. The other times I had just finished feeding her and I see Em's little head going in for the kill. Have any of your older kids done that? I mean, I can understand since their curiousity usually gets the best of 'em.. but still! I think its hilarious! And no... I would NEVER nurse a 2 year old. Ick!
This is Emery and her friend Gage. They are so cute when they play together. Last night, we were out watching horrible American Idol people on You Tube and Pete went to check on them and found this. He yells to all of us "THEY"RE SPOONING!!" Of course, we laughed like crazy and they immediately both told us to "SHUT-DA-DOOR!" Too funny :)
We took the front off of Em's bed. Oh and the reason I haven't posted Em's new room is because she still has NO furniture! I can't decide on what I want to do.. so, I will post it when its done! Gosh.. some of you guys have good memories. Anyway.. front taken off the crib. Back to my story, I came into Em's room and this is what I found. I wonder if she fell off and didn't wake up?? I dunno. Funny though.
Well I was able to craft a lot this weekend. It felt great. I hadn't done a thing since before I had Anisten. I have already taken a bunch of pictures, just haven't put them on my computer yet. Check back later. ALSO, I made a TON of posies. I had so many emails for them that I just decided to make a bunch of them and will let you choose from what I have made. Wait for pictures.. I will email you all first though so you know to check my blog for them. Pretty soon you will be able to buy them all at the Quilted Bear as well. Not sure when that is going to happen though. Hopefully soon! :) Well.. unless THIS happens. (Check out the post from January 8th) Dang Congress.

Who is excited for Monday Nights TV??? Holy Smokes.. I TiVo so many shows tonight. I used to never watch TV and since I am clearly OBSESSED with Reality TV now and can record shows to watch later, I seem to watch quite a bit now. What shows do you watch??

Set to record on my TiVo tonight is the Bachelor, Momma's Boys, The City, Bromance--YES.. Bromance!, 24 and True Beauty! It takes me clear up until the following Monday to get through them all.. but I do it! :)

This post was super random.. sorry!


Marci Jolley said...

Hi, I love looking at your blog. You always do such cute things. I was wondering where you got the pink flower that Anisten (I love her name BTW) is wearing when she is asleep on the table. Also, where is the fabulous store with all of the ribbon? :) I will look for your booth next time I am in quilted bear!

Jason, Mindi, Porter, and Ellery said...

Okay where in the heck is that RIBBON store??? I don't think you could ever get me out of there!! I love Anisten's Naartjie outfit in the crib picture with Emery!(I am obsessed with Naartjie!) And I can't even begin to tell you the millions of shows we watch(tivo)on Mondays!!!


Okay, Was that store Taiwan?? Cause I love that store too. That is where I buy ribbon when I come to Utah... LOVE IT. Also I am also a t.v. addict and TiVO shows like everynight.. its ridiculous but I can't help myself. I have the same crib that Em has but we have the brown that cracks me up that she was on the ground! Great posts you keep me soo entertained!! :)

The Mcclellan Family said...

That store is amazing. I re-did my xmas tree there for next to nothing and I'm in the process of completing the cutest spring wreath from a bunch of random fake flowers/berries I bought there as well. Gotta love the wholesale accounts!

Mike and Felisha said...

Sad to say I've never been to that store so next time you go invite me:) Also I love Emery I love all the stuff she does haha boob milk just cracks me up!!

Ashley said...

Two year olds say the FUNNIEST things!!!!!!!!!!! Eliza is constantly coming up with one-liners. Let Em have some of your "boob milk" in a cup. One sip and she'll never ask again!!!!

Crystal :@) said...

Call me a blog stocker or whatever you like. I'm in the process of potty training my lil girl and I started almost 2 weeks ago. I went and bought "Elmos Potty Time". It is pretty funny, but ever since Alaya has watched it she has told me when she needs to go potty. WAY NICE! Yeah we still have a few accidents but its when I dont get to the bathroom fast enough. Good Luck!

P.S.I love all the reality shows too.

The Robisons said...

What store were you at? Is that at Taiwan Imports in that ghetto part of town by tracks? I know they have a ton of ribbon too, but I haven't been there in a few months.

Jon & Maria Ison said...

Okay so I literally laughed out loud about serious Emery and the boob milk. Yes I have had that happen to me before--they are sooo curious at that age. Oh gosh that is too funny. I had no idea that you had a booth at the Quilted Bear. I love that place--okay I'm addicted to that place. I just went to the store in St. George. I'm going to have to go and check your booth out. =) And seriously Tara, Anisten is such a gorgeous baby!! I could just kiss those cheeks all day.

Hayley Neil said...

"Shut da door!" That is hilarious! You have such a cute fun family! Man oh man, I am so addicted to all the tv right now too! It is so sickening. I can't help myself.
Way to Emery on the potty! I love that picture with the pee. So classic. Oh and to answer your question if people think Grace looks like me or John, we think she is a pretty good mix. Sometimes her facial expression are like me and sometimes like John. She looks most like my baby pictures though. She is a funny gal!

The Thueson's said...

Hey everyone who asked where the ribbon store is.. I just posted a new blog about it, but I will answer it here too! It is called Taiwan Imports and it is on 6544 South and 300 West. It is a great store!!

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