Saturday, January 10, 2009

Back tracking...

I never got to write about Christmas! It is nuts to me that Christmas is over. I kind of wished past Christmas this year. The 29th just couldn't come quick enough..Christmas was still so great though. I loved the holidays this year. I felt like I saw my husband so much which made it really special for us! Christmas morning, we went and woke Em up at 10. I was dying! I wanted to watch her open her gifts so bad! Poor girl was still so tired so the first 15 minutes of present opening were spent making fun of her deliriously walking around in awe of everything.

A few months ago, we made this {creepy} ..uh..I mean.. cute doll for Em. She got to pick out her hair, eye color, face shape, expression, etc.

She is really into Barbies this year so she got a few..

A fun Princess art kit! This was by far her favorite present.. this girl loves to color and paint!

Santa sure spoiled Braun this year! We have crazy wind storms which gives us PLENTY of snow to shovel outside. Santa brought him a few things to help him out with that. And then there was his most favorite present.. Watch out Burglars!! My husband got himself a gun. I think he thinks he is more of a man with one. He loves it! Nice face Braun.. nice!

I finally got my Clarisonic! I have been wanting one for awhile now. Oh people.. this is the most amazing thing ever. My skin feels fantastic and I have only been using it for 2 weeks. My pores are so much smaller, skins tighter and I haven't had a single zit since Christmas! haha :) I don't have bad skin, but I will occasionally get a zit or two! If I don't wash my face every night GUARANTEED the next morning I will one somewhere on there. I didn't wash my face for 3 days in a row and didn't get a single one! No.. I am not a Clarisonic spokesperson, but this thing is seriously amazing! I love it! Its also one of Oprahs favorites, so ya know its gotta be good! Thanks Santa :)
Braun also suprised me and got us all new fluffy pillows, white bath towels and sheets! It was such a good suprise! Thanks babe :) Its weird the things that make you excited when you start getting old.. :)

Then we watched poor Braun shovel the snow outside forever.

The aftermath on Christmas morning..

The rest of the day was really relaxing! Braun, Em and I just hung around our house until about 6. Everyone in my family met up at my sisters house and we exchanged gifts and chatted with everyone for a little while. My parents got us a really pretty picture of the Salt Lake Temple.. we love it!

Brauns family came over that night and we watched a movie and just kinda hung out. It was a great day! I love holidays!

If you want to see more Holiday pictures.. go HERE!


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