Wednesday, January 28, 2009

10 Reasons why I LOVE You!!

What are you getting your husband/boyfriend for Valentines Day?? Braun and I aren't buying each other presents this year. We are MAKING something instead! How happy am I about that? VERY! Except for the fact that I do want another one of THESE. That's okay.. maybe next holiday.
Every gift giving holiday, I have at least 3 people call me and say.."Tara.. I want to make something meaningful for my hubby/bf.. do you have any ideas?" Without fail my sister Heather calls THE night before...and says that to me.

WellOHwell.. That Amy is at it YET again!!! I seriously have some amazingly talented friends!! She has come up with the perfect present for your husband/bf/parents or whoever you give lovey gifts to on V-Day!

Click to enlarge!
How cute is that?? All you are in charge of is preparing your journaling before hand and finding 10 pictures to choose! You will leave all ready for Valentines..2 weeks EARLY!! So if you are stumped and want a meaningful (and CHEAP!!) Valentines gift this class is for YOU!!

Details: THIS Saturday January 31st
9-11 AM
Cost: $19.99 which includes EVERYTHING needed to design and assemble your book.

Call Pebbles at 801-226-2632 to sign up!!


Colette Goodman said...

Super cute. I only wish I lived in Utah. I'll just have to my one here in AZ. Love your ideas.

Jed and Sabrina said...

I did this a couple years ago for Jed, and had it be from Bentley, telling his dad 10 reasons why he loved him...It was soooo cute, jed doesn't cry much and he was!! Such a great idea!

chelsea and Jeremy said...

Sorry it has taken me so long to get this to you. Here are the Addresses for the head boards

Alan & Connie Weber said...

Tara...I love this! Since I don't live in there any way to get a kit and have it shipped to me? It's so cute and I really want to do one for Alan!

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