Friday, January 30, 2009

"boob milk"

Kids are so dang funny. I'm sitting next to Em on the couch and look
over to see this. I bust up laughing and she looks at me like "Whats
so funny mom?" oh gosh.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I learned how to ruffle! 2 sides down.. 2 to go!

I really want to make this...

Does anyone have any tips for me? I don't know a thing about adding edging on blankets. How do I make it gather like that? Anyway.. I need some help! Anyone?? If you want to buy one.. Go to Aren't they sooo cute?!

10 Reasons why I LOVE You!!

What are you getting your husband/boyfriend for Valentines Day?? Braun and I aren't buying each other presents this year. We are MAKING something instead! How happy am I about that? VERY! Except for the fact that I do want another one of THESE. That's okay.. maybe next holiday.
Every gift giving holiday, I have at least 3 people call me and say.."Tara.. I want to make something meaningful for my hubby/bf.. do you have any ideas?" Without fail my sister Heather calls THE night before...and says that to me.

WellOHwell.. That Amy is at it YET again!!! I seriously have some amazingly talented friends!! She has come up with the perfect present for your husband/bf/parents or whoever you give lovey gifts to on V-Day!

Click to enlarge!
How cute is that?? All you are in charge of is preparing your journaling before hand and finding 10 pictures to choose! You will leave all ready for Valentines..2 weeks EARLY!! So if you are stumped and want a meaningful (and CHEAP!!) Valentines gift this class is for YOU!!

Details: THIS Saturday January 31st
9-11 AM
Cost: $19.99 which includes EVERYTHING needed to design and assemble your book.

Call Pebbles at 801-226-2632 to sign up!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Baby Legs, Blankets and FRO's!

Our Sundays are filled with crafting since I don't take Anisten to church yet. Yesterday was a good crafty day too! I made a bunch of Baby Legs for Anisten and Emery using THIS tutorial here...
It looks like they just used regular socks.. I actually used knee highs. They end up being the same length as Baby Legs.

And the finished product:

Project Cost: For 6 pair, it came to $11.02 which is less than what I paid for a single pair of Baby Legs. I have purchased so many pairs of Baby Legs before and I absolutely love them. They are totally worth the $12 that they sell them for! BUT now.. I don't think I will buy anymore! They took about 2 minutes per pair.

And the blanket from the other day! The finished size was 30x30. Perfect for a baby. Too bad Emery thinks it is hers!! :) If I were going to make it for Emery, I would probably make it 45x45..

Ooh and Em got her first hair cut! Last week when I straightened her hair, I noticed how bad her ends were and the crazy mullet she was sportin'!!

Here she is checking out her new doo!

Poor girls hair is NEVER going to look long. Check out how long it is in the first picture where I am pulling out the curls??!! Looks like it will be a FRO for awhile! :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Ribbon Store!

I had a lot of questions about where that fabulous place with all the ribbon is.. It is Taiwan Imports. Not to be confused with Taipan Trading! :) They are on 6544 South Cottonwood Street (Which is 300 West!) You have to sign up for an account to shop there.. but it isn't like a credit account or anything. It is so if you have a business you can charge the sales tax to your business. I just always pay the tax when I make my purchase. It is AWESOME!!

A little Inspiration!

Well remember a while back I made that post about the awesome Quiet Book pattern! Well.. apparently it inspired someone!! :) She made the post about her quiet book she made HERE! Check it out.. It turned out AWESOME!

I will finish mine ONE DAY! Just not anytime soon :)

Friday, January 23, 2009


Whoa... Sooooo many things went wrong yesterday. Started off with Em waking up and Braun letting her get into bed with us. Here is our little family around 4 AM. Em is WIDE AWAKE and Anisten is BRIGHT eyed as well. Finally around 6 AM we were all back asleep. Braun apparently can sleep through ANYTHING because I am pretty sure he was asleep after about 3 minutes.
Well.. first thing in the morning, Em gets in the tub. I was especially happy that Braun was around for this one though. Because Em decided to forgo using the toilet today and thought the tub was a much better place to do her business. Notice Braun "bagged" his hand! haha :) Sorry if this disgusts you.. parenting is disgusting sometimes.
Here is what I did while Braun cleaned up the "poops" as Em called them. Played with this little girly!
Well, my iPhone case cracked a while back and Brauns froze yesterday morning. Finally we were going to get them fixed. Braun had a meeting with one of his managers and so I needed to meet him at 12:30 to be up at Apple when our appointment was. WELL...of course I was running late.. At about 12:25, I went to take the dogs out to find that Ellie (our black little Chihuahua) had gotten sick during the night and had basically exploded all over the laundry room. (Yes again.. sorry if that disgusts you! It was a disgusting day to say the LEAST!) Seriously.. how much cleaning up of bodily junk am I going to clean up in one day?? Well.. I had to leave it because Braun woulda killed me if I made him late to get a new phone! So.. I packed the girls up in the car and left. We met him at the Lowes parking lot in Sandy. He left his car there and we head up to Apple. Em LOVED the fountains.. too bad it was bitter cold! :( Notice her straight hair?? She doesn't even look like herself!

Both got new phones and headed back to pick up his car before he had another meeting with a rep. Pull into the parking lot.. no car. Are you kidding me??? Braun immediately thought someone stole it. Then I notice a sign.. No Parking or something like that. UGH!!! Then we see the tow truck leaving. He needed to park 1 row away from where he did and it would of been OKAY. Gosh.. What a krappy day!! So.. we follow the tow truck and pick up his truck.. paid them their dang money and then we came home.

Em fell asleep on the way home, so when we got home.. she wouldn't take a nap. I have been wanting to make a blanket for days and was REALLY looking forward to that nap! Well, then I remembered what was waiting for me in the laundry room. Anyway.. yesterday was NOT a good day to say the least! By the end of the day.. I was definately ready to go to bed! Emery was actually pretty pleasant though. It was funny, as I was cleaning up the dogs mess, Emery apparently thought she was the one that pooped and threw up everywhere because she kept saying "Sorry mom, Emmy Pooped, thats gross, Sorry Mom" It made the situation a little funnier I guess! Here is Anisten and Diesel at about midnight. YES.. Diesel and Ellie got major baths..
AND... I ended up getting my blanket finished. Here is a sneeky peeky! I have one little thing left to do on it and then I will show you all! It was a pain to make but it turned out super cute!
Anyway, I am SOOO happy that yesterday is over. I sure hope I don't have another day like that for a LOONNG time. It ended great though.. I went with a bunch of friends to see Bride Wars. That show is so cute and hilarious. Definately go and see it!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dear toothless man at Speedy Towing...

You suck. You really do. I could think of a GAzillion other ways I
would of rather spent that $136 thankyouverymuch.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Our Weekend..

Well, we didn't do much this weekend but still had fun like always. So I am going to just post a bunch of random pictures from it (all taken from my phone)

So Potty Training is going PRETTY well. We made her a Potty Chart and let her pick out a bunch of stickers from Target last week. We started on January 14th and have about 2 rows filled up. It is all me that is holding her back though. I have a hard time remembering to put her on the toilet every hour. BUT I am proud to say that I haven't changed a single poopy diaper since the 14th. Yeahooooo! Oh and don't mind her morning hair.. or the pee in the toilet sitting next to her. I am a proud mom okay??
This is my sisters dog Stella. I am not sure why I put her on here. But she is super cute huh? I think she still weighs less than 2 pounds... She might be 2 now though. Look at how teeny her little body is.. her head kinda throws you off cause her hair is so fluffy! My sister found an awesome breeder if you are interested in teeny tiny Shih-Tzu's! She is getting another one in March :) Double Click the pic to see the teeny-ness!
Bedtime :)
Do you think Braun is missed when he isn't here??
So I went and restocked my booth at the Quilted Bear after 2 months of not going in. Pathetic huh? I have been a little busy though! :) So now is the time to get a Car Litter Bag if ya want one! It is filled to the Brim!! The Quilted Bear is on 145 W. 7200 S. in Midvale. Be sure to go around lunch time though and eat at the Hungry Bear inside the store. Oh and invite me to come :)

So after I went there, I had to take full advantage of having NO KIDS with me. So I went over to a store I could be in for hours. Check out these super spy pictures taken from my phone inside the store. Can you believe all that ribbon?? Holy SMOKES!!
Wow... and this was about 1/4 of it. The rest of the store is more ribbon, fake flowers, and home decor. Invite me to come if you go there too! :)
So yesterday after Church, I had just finished feeding Anisten. (Hence the drunken look on her face!) When Emery comes up to me with a Dixie cup in her hand. She looks at me with the straightest face and goes.."Mommy.. BOOB MILK IN IT!!" haha! I was DYING laughing. This isn't her first time asking for some. The other times I had just finished feeding her and I see Em's little head going in for the kill. Have any of your older kids done that? I mean, I can understand since their curiousity usually gets the best of 'em.. but still! I think its hilarious! And no... I would NEVER nurse a 2 year old. Ick!
This is Emery and her friend Gage. They are so cute when they play together. Last night, we were out watching horrible American Idol people on You Tube and Pete went to check on them and found this. He yells to all of us "THEY"RE SPOONING!!" Of course, we laughed like crazy and they immediately both told us to "SHUT-DA-DOOR!" Too funny :)
We took the front off of Em's bed. Oh and the reason I haven't posted Em's new room is because she still has NO furniture! I can't decide on what I want to do.. so, I will post it when its done! Gosh.. some of you guys have good memories. Anyway.. front taken off the crib. Back to my story, I came into Em's room and this is what I found. I wonder if she fell off and didn't wake up?? I dunno. Funny though.
Well I was able to craft a lot this weekend. It felt great. I hadn't done a thing since before I had Anisten. I have already taken a bunch of pictures, just haven't put them on my computer yet. Check back later. ALSO, I made a TON of posies. I had so many emails for them that I just decided to make a bunch of them and will let you choose from what I have made. Wait for pictures.. I will email you all first though so you know to check my blog for them. Pretty soon you will be able to buy them all at the Quilted Bear as well. Not sure when that is going to happen though. Hopefully soon! :) Well.. unless THIS happens. (Check out the post from January 8th) Dang Congress.

Who is excited for Monday Nights TV??? Holy Smokes.. I TiVo so many shows tonight. I used to never watch TV and since I am clearly OBSESSED with Reality TV now and can record shows to watch later, I seem to watch quite a bit now. What shows do you watch??

Set to record on my TiVo tonight is the Bachelor, Momma's Boys, The City, Bromance--YES.. Bromance!, 24 and True Beauty! It takes me clear up until the following Monday to get through them all.. but I do it! :)

This post was super random.. sorry!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Some more of Anisten..

Sorry if you are sick of seeing this little girl.. but I got most of the rest of her pictures edited. All but like 10 anyway! So.. here she is. We went to her doctors appointment on Monday. My little girl is almost 3 weeks! How come it goes so fast after they are born but pregnancy goes so super slow? She was 7 Lbs 4 Ounces and 19.5 inches long! A pound in 2 weeks.. not too shabby?? She is getting big quick!

Oh how exciting...

Nie is back!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The New Doo...

Well here it is! It was kind of a spur of the moment idea. I couldn't think of anything to do but REALLY needed my hair done. So.. what better to do than to go dark?? I swear I do this every winter ( does everyone!) Hopefully I don't get sick of it too quick.

Ugh.. I don't like being the only person in the picture. Where is a kid when I need 'em?? Don't be suprised if this picture is replaced by a kiddo+mom group shot after they're up from their naps!

Crocheting Videos!

I got me a book or 2 to learn to Crochet. Well, it didn't really work out because I don't understand what any of those 2 letter terms (SC, DC, SS, etc!) really mean. I hated having to go back to the front of the book to reread them and figure it out. Well, I am a visual learner and just found some videos! Here they are if you are interested...

Crochet Videos!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Quick Post...

I am off to get my hair done and wanted to hurry and post this cute little apron pattern I found!

Now wish me luck... I am being brave and going dark with my fluffy ole' hair.

Monday, January 12, 2009


SOO... I am super excited to show you these things. I get so many compliments on Emery's in her room.

Lucky for someone.. these are for sale! Email me at bitsyblossoms at gmail {dot} com. $40 a piece. Want one custom made for your child?? Email me at that same address!! No.. I don't make them. I wish I did though, they are adorable! My talented sister does!
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