Friday, December 26, 2008

Well well well...

Christmas has come and gone! Wow! Can you even believe it? It really didn't seem like Christmas this year. I think it is cause I kept looking past it because of this baby (Still MIA BTW) Emery finally was able to get into it which was fun though. She loved seeing Santa everywhere we went. She was always pointing him out to me! She is such a fun little girl! Well.. I am going to catch up on posting some things since I have kinda felt like I've been slacking on blogging lately.. Our friends the Overman's invited us to a Christmas Party the other night. We had a white elephant gift exchange as well as a regular gift exchange. Em came with us and sat on my lap during the gift exchange. We let her pick out the present that she wanted to open. The first thing she pulled out was a Barbie. Oh my.. she was THRILLED!! She squealed "BARBIE mom.. Barbie!!!" Well, the rest of the present contained a 12 pack of razors and a can of shaving cream. I hear someone telling me to look closely at the Barbie.. so I do. This was a special edition "European Barbie" complete with hair all over her body. Coming out of her swimsuit bottoms, under her arms, all over her legs, etc. It was HILARIOUS!! Em noticed and all she kept saying was "Eeew Mommy Sick"

Barbies Close Up! Click to enlarge.. (UNLESS you are easily offended!)

Missy with her 42DDD Brazziere!! One day Missy.. One day.

Chance and Brooke!

Adam and Mel.. P.S. Did you and your dad have twinner hats Mel?

Mike and Felisha.. poor Mike got stuck with the Bra.

I promise I didn't just wake up from a nap before this picture even though it looks like I did!

The host and hostessess!! Layla and Austin.. lookin' good!

Thanks you guys for the fun night!

Now onto Christmas Eve!! During the day, I cleaned up my house and did a little crafting! I made a bunch of Posies for a friend.. they turned out cute if I may say so myself! :)

That night, we met up with my family at Texas Roadhouse. I was suprised how many people I knew at the restaurant that night. It seems a lot of people are lazy and like to go out to dinner on Christmas Eve like my family :) Here is the big ole' family minus my older brother Justin, his girlfriend and Brayden!

Then we went over to the Thueson's. Braun shared a great Christmas story from the Ensign and we opened up our gifts from each other. We got to meet their foreign exchange student from Korea named Heeju and just had fun spending time together! Here are some pictures from that night!

I can't make this post too long or else I won't have anything to blog about tomorrow! So stay tuned for Christmas pictures :)

Oh and just in case you are wondering.. I am still pregnant! I haven't had a single contraction today. Weird how the doctors say they think you will go with 3 days and almost 2 weeks later, you are still sitting here pregnant! Dang Docs! 2 more days (I don't count today!) and she will be here for sure! YEAHOOO!


Joslyn said...

Did you see Katelyn at Bryan and Marlynae's? We missed her here in Idaho. Kelsie's hair looks cute!

P.S. Has anyone ever said that Austin looks like he came straight out of a magazine??! lol! Every picture I've seen of him...he looks like he should be in a wax museum or like he was air brushed in a magazine! He and Layla look picture perfect all the time! :)

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