Saturday, December 20, 2008


I have been MIA for a little while. I don't know what my deal is! Sorry :) Anyway.. I want to start with the giveaway winners of the posies! Sorry it has taken a bit, but here they are!! The winners are... Hayley Neil and Ashlan Martin!! Soo.. congrats! If you didn't win and you want to buy a Posie, email me. My email is up at the top right corner of this page :)

Soooo.... last night, we went to an Ugly Christmas sweater party!! It was great! I went to Savers yesterday and found our beauties. They had a horrible selection so I didn't really find a Christmas one, but I DID FIND US DICKIES!! Did you see Chevy Chases Christmas Vacation?? Oh.. I just love that show. Savers had quite the selection of Dickies too! Haha :) It was AWESOME! Here are some pictures of us last night. Yes, you don't need to tell me how beautiful we looked. I already know :)
Layla, Rach and me!

Rach and I!

Who is bigger?? Okay.. he is totally pushing out. Cut him some slack people.

Check out those Dickies!! :)

The kiddos! Em and London..

Em and Jaid!

The girls of the night!

Not totally sure what the goal of this picture was..

Braun and Em disappeared for a little while and I went downstairs to find this.. Braun is such a cute daddy! He and Em were having their very first tea party! Braun was showing her how to keep her pinky sticking out :) He is so cute!


It was such a fun night! Thanks guys for inviting us!

Tonight a bunch of us are going to see 7 pounds and get some dinner at Red Robin! Yumm!

Baby update: Obviously the doctors were wrong with the whole 3 days thing! I am fine with it though. I really hope I can just get through next week now. I would of loved having her here this week BUT now that Christmas is almost here, I would just like to wait until after Christmas Day! Maybe its just me being selfish and not wanting to be in the hospital or in my bed on Christmas Day, but eh.. if I am, thats okay too I guess. My contractions last night were every 6 minutes and went on for about 3 hours but they ended up going away when I sat down and relaxed. Heck.. I hate this waiting and not knowing whats going on thing!!

Onto Christmas now.. Em is super excited for it and I can't wait to see her when she opens her presents. I got them all wrapped today (that and doing my neighbors hair was about all I accomplished all day today!) so now we just wait til Thursday! Yeesss! I can't wait for Christmas. I just LOVE IT!!

Have a GREAT rest of your Saturday! I hope its going fabulous!


*LAYLA and AUSTIN* said...

Um we sure were ugly that night. Or should I say, I sure was ugly that night. I can't believe I didn't win. I was the ugliest one, What the heck? Ha ha, just kidding. Also, I think Missy missed the whole "chuckle like santa claus" moment in that picture...why was she being a pirate again? She's one funny chica (i hope you read this missy). The movie was fun tonight--I woke up this morning thinking "boy I really need to bawl for 2 hours straight". No but really, it was fun--even if I did cry like a baby. See you on Monday for more PAR-TYing.

*LAYLA and AUSTIN* said...

oh and that funny pic of the guys is hilarious. Look at Jason's face and Austin's belly-- SICK. I hope that wasn't rude to Jason but they look dang funny!

Hayley Neil said...

Yay! I am beyond happy about winning the cute posies!!! Thanks Tara! Do I need to email you my address or I would say maybe we are all getting together over Christmas but I am hoping for your sake that you will be having that baby lickety-split right after the holiday!
I love the ugly Christmas sweaters and especially the Dickies! You guys are hilarious!
Oh yeah, also I will have to post about it or something but I made those cute felt ball pomander things for Christmas gifts and cute hairclips out of the same felt rose idea thing. You would be so proud of my crraftiness! Thanks for the tutorial!

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