Friday, December 26, 2008


So I just called into the hospital to see if I needed to pre-register or anything like that before I go in on Monday morning. Here was our conversation...
Me- "Hey! I was just wondering if I needed to pre-register or make an appointment or whatever for being induced on Monday morning."

Nurse- "No, they will call you with details the night before."

Me- "Well, is it likely that I will get bumped to the next day? I have never been induced and just am a little curious!"

Nurse- "Umm.. let me find out where you are at on the list. Can I get your name?"

Me- "Of course, Tara Thueson. I am really excited if you can't tell?!"

Nurse- "I know how that gets!.. what is your doctors name? I don't see you on the list for Monday."

Me- (my stomach is in knots.. if I have to wait another day.. I am going to kill someone..) "The Lind, Lamereaux, Melendez group. Please, please, PLEASE tell me you see it!"

Nurse- "Oh here it is! I have it scheduled for us to call you tomorrow to come in for Sunday. NOT monday."

Me- "Is this a joke?? Please tell me this isn't. I am sooo excited. Could this be wrong? Are you going to be at the hospital? I feel like I need to HUG you. Really, I am so excited. I could scream right now!!!"

Nurse- (laughing at me) "Nope, its not a joke! Do you want me to switch it to Monday?? I can if you want or we will call you tomorrow with the details. Plan on coming in on Sunday at 7AM!"

AAAHHHHHH!!! Are you serious?? How on earth did that happen?? My doctors told me MONDAY!! I know its just a day.. but when you are almost 40 weeks pregnant.. a DAY is a FRICKIN' DAY!!!

Seriously.. I am so lucky! I love when people screw up and it benefits me! :) haha!


thehaagas said...

You are so lucky. I just sit here day after day thinking where the heck are you Kenley. I am so excited that I got moved up a day too! You will have to tell me how it is to be induced, I was really excited to go into labor but I am done waiting. The only bad thing I have heard about being induced is that you have to stay in bed because your hooked up to all the medication, where if you were just in labor on your own you can walk around. Maybe I will be lucky enough just to go into labor on Sunday and we can have our little girls on the same day. Good luck and let me know how it goes I am getting scared.

Joslyn said...

Yay! We're so excited for you! Put us on your text list and have Braun text us when she gets here!

Jennie B. said...

Are you seriously going to have a child TOMORROW!???!!!!???!!! OH my gosh Tara! I am so dang excited for you! That's the best! Can't wait to hear all about it.

Zach and Katie Hillstead said...

ahhh that is so exciting! good luck tomorrow! can't wait to see your little bambino!

Melissa (Missy) Eva Streiff said...

Oh im sure that nurse just loved you! lol. gosh-good thing you called you might of had to wait even longer to have that baby! have someone let us know when the baby is here we are soooooooo excited!

The Gleave's said...

YAY! Can't wait to hear about it! Im so excited for you guys! Please add me to your text list as well!! Good luck!

Caleb and Rachel said...

a day is a day--- I know exactly how that goes. Yeah. Good luck with everything and let us know when you have her.

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