Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What in the WORLD???

I just stumbled upon THESE bad boys. Do people seriously wear these? This to me is absolutely disgusting. They are squirrels feet.

Anywhooo- what is on the agenda today? Anyone doing anything fun? I surely am not. I went to Pottery Barn yesterday and bought Emery's bedding. When I got there, I wasn't totally in LOVE with it. Pottery Barn likes to accentuate the colors in their catalogs. I knew that, but still.. I hate how when you buy bedding from there, it already looks like it has been washed a million times. Does anyone know what I am talking about? Anyway.. I ended up buying it all anyway. I think just because I was super excited about those cute owls. (Which I ended up buying too.. gosh!) WELL- that night, I get home, get it all set up on my bed so I can see it. Braun gets home and says.."That doesn't look as nice as it looked in the magazine." So he seconds my thoughts. I didn't agree because I am stubborn and if I do, he will say to take it back. Again, those OWLS are just too dang cute. Well, we go to run some errands last night. One of which was buying some light blue paint for the walls. I am getting more and more excited about it. THEN--I want to make her a big puffy bedskirt out of tulle. Anyone see the one on the Game Plan? (Lame movie by the way!) but it is my inspiration for her bedskirt. So we stopped at Target. While I was in there, I found a cute quilt. The best part of it was that if I bought Em the set from Target, it would save me over $250 dollars... why did I have to see it? I was a tad irritated. Should I tell Braun? No.. he will make me get it. I went back and forth in my head a million times. By the time we got almost home, the guilt had set in.
Me- "I found a cute quilt in Target. I don't like it as much, but its cute."
Braun-"How much was it?"
Me- "A lot cheaper"
Braun- "You better go there and buy it tomorrow."
Then he proceeds to turn around himself and head back to Target at 9:50PM. I walked in and out within 5 minutes. New quilt in hand. Gosh Dang Pottery Barn, why oh why do you have to be so expensive?? I wanted those cute owls. So the room painting starts today. It is still going to be light blue. I hope her room doesn't turn out easter egg looking. There are a lot of pinks in this new bedding. I will be ticked. I am not going to show the room until it is done though. So that should be this weekend :) Does anyone else stress about kids rooms like I do? Gosh.. I hate decorating.

3 things I learned: Don't buy paint until you LOVE the bedding, keep your mouth shut, and NEVER buy a pair of squirrel feet earrings. Yuck.


chelsea and Jeremy said...

I am redoing Ady's Room we are painting and putting up wanscot so We have torn off all the base boards And I am just ready to have it done. Cant wait to see Ems room it sounds like it will be way cute.

Joslyn said...

I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who analyzes a decision/purchase! You should have seen me trying to pick out the girls' bunk beds! I can't wait to see Em's room...I'm sure it will be adorable!

Mike and Felisha said...

HAHAHAHA!! You should totally wear those earings!! I can't wait to see Em's room it's going to be so cute!! Jenna and I were thinking of making Twilight shirts for Thurs!! We should do that tonight or possibly tomorrow just let me know what you think!!

The Perkins Family said...

k..i have to admit..now that i stumbled upon your blog I usually always have to read it when i get on! i forgot how hilarious and random you are...those earrings are NASTY - how do you come across all these wacko things?...you must really be a big web searcher huh? I'm sure your little girls room will be darling...I love decorating...and its funny you don't ~ cause you are SO DANG CREATIVE and talented!

thehaagas said...

I can't wait to see little Em's room, it will give me ideas for Kenley's. I really love the idea of tulle for a bedskirt I might have to use that if you don't mind, I really don't know what I am going to for sure do in Kenleys nursery so any ideas would help.

Jennie B. said...

Ummm... I constantly have huge dillemas in my mind about stuff to buy. Like which kind of new mints or gum to try. I do it all the time. It's so annoying and sometimes I make myself dizzy walking in circles trying to decide. Not kidding.

Jennie B. said...

By the way... that Enrichment is over and I'm making an ABC baby blanket. It's super super super cute and i'll teach you if you want. It's not a hat though. I want to learn how to do that too.

Braun said...

tara, if I remember correctly you asked me to turn around so that you wouldn't have to go back the next day. Although I would say everything else is accurate with that story. I love you babe!

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