Sunday, November 30, 2008

Some Holiday Cheer!!

So.. I have really been in a crafting mood lately. That doesn't mean I have done much crafting.. but I have been in the mood nonetheless. I am about to go bring my sewing machine upstairs (which really makes the hubs mad by the way since I have a craft room for that purpose) so I can get to some of the things I have been wanting to make. I came across this list of Festive Tutorials and I decided to share it with all of you! There are definately a few things on this list I want to make too!

egg carton fairy lights
thrifted holiday trees
mini felt stockings
tomorrowland trees
woolly decorations
jingle mouse ornament
ice wreath
celestine knitted star
froebel star
no sew holiday ornament
woodland ornament
mitten ornament
gumdrop wreath
felt wool pomander (pictured)
little house ornament
advent calendar
pocket advent calendar
blanket stockings
bird mobile
flower pinwheel
bunting flags
stars and hearts ornaments
teepee ornament
paper fortune cookies
easy ornament
festive tutorial roundup
ribbon pinecone ornament
advent calendar tutorial roundup
woolen wreath
owl ornament
fabric chain
stacked fabric trees
santa lucia dolls
pyramid advent calendar
joke tree advent calendar
yoyo advent calendar
cookie sheet advent calendar
felt circle garland
modern paper ornaments
chandelier ornament
paper dove ornament
maddie bird ornament download
mitten ornament
recycled stars
yarn wrapped ornament
button ornament
owl ornament pattern
felt candy cane ornament
ice skate ornaments
peace dove ornament

P.S. I am having a baby in less than a month!! I got my inducement date at my last doctors appointment. With Em I wasn't induced. She just came.. I am a little nervous to be induced this time around. Were you induced?? Was your labor longer? I want this little girl (who is still nameless by the way!) to be here as soon ASAP. Well, as soon as she is ready..hopefully sooner rather than later though! I went into the doctor on Friday for really bad cramping. My whole stomach felt like I had been punched all over the place. They told me I just need to take it easy, I was having contractions when I was in there, but nothing too serious. I have just worn myself out over the past 2 weeks. I am so used to being able to GO GO GO all the time. I need to sit back and take a break from everything now. It really freaked me out thinking she could come anyday now. I am definately not getting my hopes up though c0nsidering Em was 5 days late! Anyway, enough rambling. Has anyone thought of any cute new baby names either?? Gosh.. I need help.


The Perkins Family said...

I went into labor with Emmet 2 weeks early...and was induced with Clara on her DUE DATE. It was REALLLY don't worry about being induced. You MIGHT even go into labor BEFORE the date your supposed to be induced!!! BUT...seriously...I know A LOT of people say induction isn't the BEST ROUTE, but it really is FINE...and there isn't much of a difference especially if your planning on getting the epidural. And as far as baby names go...well, I have a few favorite girl names that are old fashioned...(but I'm saving them for future babies to come) BUT, old fashioned names are so cute! I'll Google some and see what i find for ya!

Hayley Neil said...

Dang, those are cute crafts! I want to make all of them!! That is going to be my New Year's Resolution, craft more! Thanks for always sharing all of your great finds!
I can't believe that little darlin' of yours is going to be here so soon! I hope, for your sake that she comes quick! Take it easy and good luck!

Joslyn said...

I was induced 2 weeks early with both Taylor and Brynlie and I thought it was an incredibly long process (26 hours with Brynlie and I think 16 hours for Taylor...but I'm sure everyone's different; and it probably didn't help that I had to be induced two weeks early). I want to go on my own SOOO bad when we have another baby, I think it would be far better!

Jennie B. said...

Oh my gosh. I cannot even wait to go through that list! YES!!!! Thank you!

The Gleave's said...

Tara I was induced with both of my boys and I LOVE it!! Im actually REALLY scared to go into labor on my own! I feel like it is SOOO easy! ; ) Good luck! Im so excited to see pictures of her and Im so excited to see what name you guys decide! you know I LOVE Harley but I think Indie really goes SO good with Emery!!

The Robisons said...

Thanks for all the helpful websites you posted on my blog. You are just so stinkin helpful. I made a few owls this weekend. I'll post them when I get a chance. They didn't turn out too bad. I was surprised.

Gentri said...

I'm sorry about your sister and I'm glad she's feeling better-what a scary scary situation to be in! You are so cute and crafty but geeze that's a lot to do-I do love the picture you have up though, is that hard to make? I'm excited for your inducement, you'll have to let me know if you like going on your own or being induced better?!?
Don't worry about answering all my random questions :)

Jon and Maria Ison said...

I was induced with 3 of my kids. My first induction was horrible but that's because I didn't dialate at all on my own and my cervix did soften whatsoever so I had to be induced. The whole process took just over 26 hours. With my 2nd, from start to end it was a total of 3 hours but I went in dialated at a 4. With my last, it took 13 hours total. All I have to say is, don't let them break your water before you have your epidural. The pitocin that they give you makes the contractions pretty bad--unless you have a pain tolerance. Good luck!! I'm really excited for you. =)

The Parks Fam said...

Tara, I am getting induced on New Years Eve. Already got the 6 am appt! I am PRAYING I go into labor before then.. I have been googling self induction methods. :) I was induced with Daxton and it wasn't so bad, the good thing was i really didn't feel a thing cause I got my epidural right when I wanted it, and also I liked the fact that is was planned, so I had my house cleaned, laundry done, and everything ready to go. That is SOO exciting you are being induced on the 29th!!!! I am jealous you are going 2 days before me! I am seriously SOO done being fat its not even funny. I can't WAIT to get this babe out! I'm sure you know how I feel! :) Let me know if you have any ideas to get this baby moving on out.

Danielle said...

So you probably have no idea who I am but I went to high school with you. I absolutely love your blog and have followed it for a bit. Anyways, I was at Costco 2 weeks ago and saw you and Em sitting at the little eatery and I wanted to stop and say something but then I realized how crazy I would look! So keep up the good work, I love it!

Vernos said...

SOunds like you need some gentle yoga prenatal therapy!!! Please come over and I will show you some breathing techniques and poses to help you slow down:)

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