Thursday, November 20, 2008


Is she how you pictured her?? HaHA! I'll show you the full shirt as
soon as I finish my hair and makeup! :) Oh the night has just begun
and I'm so dang excited!! I feel 12 again and am loving every minute
of it!!


The Perkins Family said...

OH MY HECK....bizarre...and sorta CREEPY...(im sure the baby thats REALLY in that bump of yours is A LOT cuter) But your costume will probably be one of the best ones at the theater!! good luck!

The Ison Family said...

Oh gosh! This made me laugh right out loud. Definitely not how I pictured Renesmee.

Mike and Felisha said...

HAHAHAHA I seriously laugh EVERY time I think about your shirt!! HAHAHAHA Amber was right it was the BEST one there!!

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