Monday, November 17, 2008

Me, Myself and I:

  • I am: a mom, sister, daughter, aunt and a wife!
  • I think: about crafting all day long.
  • I know: that my husband loves me.
  • I want: our baby to be here. Like Now.
  • I have: a clean house today.
  • I dislike: cleaning. Except lately.. its weird. I actually clean up after myself all day lately.
  • I miss: my family. Even though they all live close.
  • I fear: someone that I love or care about dying.
  • I feel: nervous for a 2nd baby.
  • I hear: Em coughing in the other room.
  • I smell: my Scentsy candle. Mmmm... Spiced Orange Harvest is my favorite :)
  • I crave: Soup. Really, I do. Breakfast, lunch AND dinner.
  • I usually: do at least 1 crafty thing a day.
  • I cry: when I am stressed.
  • I search: the internet a LOT.
  • I wonder: what day this baby will come and if I will of decided on a name yet. I'm getting closer though! I've narrowed it down to one (still undecided though because it doesn't seem "PERFECT!"
  • I regret: dating one boy throughout high school.
  • I wish: I saw my husband more.
  • I love: my family.
  • I care: about my friends and family.
  • I always: have my phone near me.
  • I worry: about Emery and Braun.
  • I am not: organized. ALTHOUGH-- right now my house is SUPER organized. Thanks Heather!
  • I remember: nothing. I have a horrible memory.
  • I believe: in the gospel.
  • I sing: when I am alone.
  • I argue: never. I think it's pointless.
  • I write: in my journal.
  • I win: at a lot of things. I am a VERY lucky person. (KNOCK ON WOOD!) :) I believe it all started HERE. Thanks you guys for making me go!
  • I lose: with Emery. Everytime. Spoiled little girl...
  • I don't understand: math anymore.
  • I can usually be found: at home.
  • I need: to paint Emery's new room. Bedding has been bought by the way! :)
  • I forget: everything. I am a scatterbrain.
  • I am happy: with my life. It couldn't be better.


Zach and Katie Hillstead said...

so i am home alone...zach is out of town...and i definitely just watched your whole price is right clip. i CANNOT believe you not only got picked, but you WON! that is hilarious. what did you do with all that stuff? especially that HIDEOUS dining set! HAHA

Melissa (Missy) Eva Streiff said...

what the heck??? Tara was on price is right?? THat wasn't my original comment, I really wanted to say that I was sad you got to go to pottery barn today without me! wha wha. we want to get together tomorrow, would you answer your freakin text!

*LAYLA and AUSTIN* said...

TARA! I agree with Missy, you went to pottery barn without us! WHAT? ALso, I second about you answering your text--we SO want to hang out! Let us know girl! =)

*LAYLA and AUSTIN* said...

By the way, Austin and I watched the price is right video and we just loved it! we were cracking up the whole time! That is so awesome! Austin was dying every time you hugged that black lady---he also said you should have kept the trailer because then Braun would've already had his "rig". HA HA HA! You ARE ONE LUCKY babe!

The Ison Family said...

Ok so I have never actually sat and watched that entire Price is Right clip until now. Oh my gosh, I know it all happened a while ago but I was so anxious for you just watching it. What an awesome experience! You're so cute too--so full of energy.

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