Sunday, November 23, 2008

The long awaited...

Hawaii Post is finally here!! I don't really know how to do this without making this post 10 pages long. We had such a FUN trip. Looking back at pictures, I am suprised we did as much as we did. We have been told by so many friends that they would much rather go to Mexico. I completely DISAGREE! Yes, Hawaii is a lot more expensive, but it is so worth it. We have been to a lot of tropical places and this is definately a favorite. Costa Rica is still at the top in our books! We went to Maui this time and who knows where we will go next time. I want to go all over! The flight was MISERABLE!! It was because I was 8 months pregnant for sure though. I could normally handle long flights.. no problem! Good thing they played movies the whole time on a TV that was right in front of your face. I was able to watch the edited version of Sex and the City and loved it! :) I have been waiting for a while for that one.. anyway, back to Hawaii. Here is the first night we were there, We had just got to our Hotel. We stayed at the Hyatt in Ka'Anapali. It was a beautiful hotel! Every morning we got fed a wonderful buffet breakfast and we got asked if we were honeymooners a million times (even with the large belly) Nope, I wish though!! (Actually I don't. Being first married is an awkward awkward time. Now Braun knows that I am always going to be crazy and hyper all the time, it doesn't go away. Sorry babe!)

We had just gotten "leid" at our hotel! I thought this picture was quite fitting.

This is the center of our hotel. It was all outdoors. I LOVED walking out into it every morning. Hawaii smells WONDERFUL in the morning!

Whenever you walked past this bird, he would whistle at you and say funny things to ya!
We hiked to a blowhole that was AWESOME!! If you go to Maui, you gotta go to it. The hike isn't bad (obviously.. I did it!) and the drive to it is great! You hike along cliffs the whole time. We saw Sea Turtles swimming below us! Sorry, no picture. But here is a bunch of lava rock we hiked through.. and holy smokes.. that stuff is pokey!

Some funny chinese people. They seem goofy.. I wish they would of spoken some english. I am sure I would of laughed.

The blowhole in action!
He didn't want to get wet at all by the blowhole and it got him! It was dang funny...

Braun insisted that we rent a Jeep. I think it made him feel really cool. Everytime we got in it, the music was blaring and he would just dance like a crazy man. I have video as proof. Maybe I should show it to you all. I die laughing everytime I watch it.
Later that day we went to the Iao Needle. It is a cool state park with a big needley rock thing. It is what is poking up between our heads in this picture! Remind me never to take pictures at this angle again. Thanks.

This is a picture from breakfast. We ate in this outdoor place that was so pretty. There were little birds everywhere! Em would of loved it :) Well, right after Braun took this picture, this GIANT bird. I am not even kidding, it was probably 3-4 times the size of these little guys swooped down and plopped (EXTREMELY UNGRACEFULLY!!) down on the plate. It was HILARIOUS!! We were dying laughing about it the whole day.

And somehow we got conned into going to a timeshare presentation. Luckily we got almost $450 off of our excursions we wanted to do which was great. AND the annoying timeshare guy never ended up showing, so we just got to leave! Yeahoooo!

We went to an awesome magic show and Braun and I both got called up onstage to help him out.. it was pretty funny!

And that is all for today! I will blog about the rest later! (Sorry, a lot of the pictures are out of order too and I don't have time to fix them yet!) I have to go and get ready for church now.. oh and wake Emery up too. It is 12:22PM and she hasn't woken up yet. Yes, she is still alive. I have checked on her about 5 times this morning!! :) She just LOVES her sleep I guess!

Ooh and we are having our first Thanksgiving celebration today! I can't wait for dinner :) I love mashed potatoes!!


Justina Selim said...

We went to Maui a couple years ago and stayed at that same hotel! Kinda crazy! I recognized the bird in your pic, haha!

*LAYLA and AUSTIN* said...

HA ha ha ha ha! your pictures from twilight are so funny! I am glad to see you made some friends with some chinese people in Hawaii..i was beginning to worry that you were racist lately! :)

Melissa (Missy) Eva Streiff said...

Oh Nuts Tara that last racist comment was from Missy! I guess Layla was still signed in from last night and I didn't see that! Sorry! You know how I love funny chinese people!

Jon and Maria Ison said...

Oh this post makes me so excited for our Maui trip that we are going to take. The last time we went we stayed on Oahu and we also sat through a timeshare presentation. Loved all the free stuff they gave us for sitting through it. =)

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