Monday, November 17, 2008

A little Holiday Inspiration...

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Check out how dang cute this garland is hanging on their walls? I want to do it. It would take a while and I absolutely suck at wrapping presents, BUT I think it is the cutest thing! Now I just have to find lotsa odd shaped boxes and super cute wrapping paper. That shouldn't be hard though.. And seriously, do people really change their bedding with the seasons?? Looking at Pottery Barns catalogs and through their site, they have Christmas CRIB bedding! Crazy people. I guess if I had tons of money to just waste, maybe?? I dunno.

Oooh! I have decided on what to do in Em's new room. I am painting today! :) Lets see how much I seriously get done. I HATE painting... Anyway, wanna see it? Here it is!
Anyone know if Pottery Barn has discount codes anywhere? I am having a hard time hitting the PLACE ORDER button without using some sort of discount code!

and I am going to get the fabric to sew these babies up. I have been wanting to make softies for a while now, so this gives me a great excuse!
P.S. Thank you so much for going to Oh Sweet Sadie you guys!! I have the best friends :) I think that was my best show I have done yet thanks to you!! Don't forget if you live up North to come this weekend to the Bountiful show. It is going to have different vendors, be in a great house and just be all around fun!

P.S.S. Don't forget to still answer my crochet/knit post. I really want to learn! Jennie--when is your Enrichment? AND are you going? That might be weird for me to come alone :)

I couldn't get Em to look at me with a smile yesterday, so this was the best we got. This picture here actually made us 5 minutes late for church. Was it worth it?? I doubt it.


The Clarks said...

love the owl set. I have actually been debating buying it for ivy.... so cute!

April said...

That Christmas garland is so cute. I would love to change out my stuff with the seasons. My mom has the cutest Christmas dishes and trow blankets and her house totally feels like you walked into Mrs. Clauses place. Love the ideas.

Amy Goffin said...

Since I live in an old house, I wanted kind of vintage style Christmas tree. Anyway, mom gave me the idea of wrapping odd shaped boxes to hang on my tree. I never would have thought to do garland. You should just make my ornaments while you make your garland. Ü

Anonymous said...

Love the new stuff for Em's room. Pottery Barn is my weakness. I get a spending allowance there once a month or we would be bankrupt from Pottery Barn.....why is there stuff always so dang cute?? And yes...if I had millions of dollars, I would definately switch out all of our bedding for the Holidays!!

Kara Denise... said...

Sizzles late for church?! No way!

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