Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm super SWAMPED!!

...but I wanted to share a cute picture of Em that I took yesterday. We went back to where we got our family pictures done (Em wasn't really cooperating that day! Which also reminds me, I still need to post those pics!!)She was in a much better mood yesterday. I haven't done any editing on this one at all yet, but I just love it! It is going to look great on our wall :)

I know I said that I didn't photoshop this picture at all, but my neighbor Pete decided it needed a little adjusting, so he took the liberty.... (is that how you use that phrase?)


Amy Goffin said...

How much did the old man charge ya this time? That could be one pricey picture. Ü

The Clarks said...

haha! You should have called me, I totally would have gone with you. Actually I am a little scared to see him again. Was he at your window of your car when you pulled up asking for his $15? I wish em would have given me that cute smile!

Beal Family said...

Tara..she is soo stinking cute!!!

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