Thursday, November 20, 2008

Feeling Creative today??

I just stumbled upon this list. I can't take credit for getting it all together, but THIS lovely lady can! She updates it regularly, so check her blog for more in the future :)

It is 9:30 and I am still in bed. It feels great. Actually it doesn't. My back is killing, I have to pee, my pelvic bones feel like they are cracked, hmm.. WHEN IS THIS BABY COMING AGAIN??

So maybe after I clean my house (which won't take too long, I have kept it clean lately!!) I will blog about Hawaii. I really need to! Oh and maybe Halloween too :) It's not too late right?

OOOH!!! I am going to see Twilight at midnight tonight :) I am pretty excited. SOO.. I need to make myself a t-shirt of some sort. Anyone have any funny ideas? I really need them!! I was thinking maybe tying the big ole belly into it? Throw Renesmee into the picture. I dunno.. anyway, what funny things have you seen written on Twilight shirts?? PLEASE comment below if you have any ideas!

EDITED TO ADD: I know what I am doing for my shirt. Yes, I have been researching on the internet for quite awhile. Well, didn't find this idea on the internet. I will give you a hint. It requires fake blood, some stick on letters, and HALF yes, you read that right HALF of a baby doll. I hope Em doesn't mind me chopping one of hers up. Eew. that sounds terrible :) YEEESSS!! I am so excited. (and extremely immature)

Anyway, on to the wonderful list:


Stuff to wear

For the baby
Quilt it up


Zach and Katie Hillstead said...

ok i seriously don't know where you get all this stuff...but i'm glad you find it:) i am so excited! there are so many cute ideas on here! sorry about your baby pain...the end is the WORST!

Christiansen's said...

Oh my heavens, there are so many fun ideas. Thanks for putting this on your blog. I always love checking out your blog. Me and my girlfriends are doing the quiet book and it is turning out adorable, we have totally jazzed it up but my butt on 30 minutes per page :) who knows what that lady was talking about. We have probably put 50 + hours in it already and we still have a few more pages to do. I can't wait when it is done and I can post it on my blog.

Gentri said...

You are crazy-seriously I swear you have a time machine or something-where the crap do you get all the time to just be you-Tara?!? :) Funny line for a shirt is "I'm in love with a fictional character" I'll be wearing mine to the show as well-we're geeks-or better yet please just dress like a'd be way cooler that way!! haha

Jill Chatterley said...

My Friend has a button on her blog that said "My heart belongs to my husband, but my neck belongs to Edward"

What fun ideas! I cant wait to do a few of them.

The Finches said...

You could tie in the whole belly thing and wear a shirt that says "Edwards baby" with and arrow LOL. jk or not! Maybe thats not appropriate?? Be sure to blog about the movie! Im seeing it tommorow at 10. SO EXCITED!!

Jennie B. said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for that list! I think I'll make that cute little stuffed bird tonight. So easy and dang cute!

Jennie B. said...

I love the idea of Edward's baby from The Finches

Evonne said...

Okay, it's time to come out of the shaddows because after reading this post, I'm convinced you'e one of the sauciest girls ever!

I'm a friend of several people you know...The Mundy's, The Goffin's, The Crowther's, etc. I think we met at either Ashley or Amy's weddings, but I could be wrong.

Anyway, I love this list and I want to try everything. Thanks for the inspiration!

Amy Goffin said...

Love the list. When are we going to be neighbors so we can live by each other and craft all day?

Amy Goffin said...

Love the list. When are we going to be neighbors so we can live by each other and craft all day?

The Ison Family said...

Ahhhh I'm so excited to see Twilight at midnight. =) Which theater are you going to? I almost went and just bought a shirt but decided against it.

I told you that you are a creative genius (well maybe not quite in those words). Thanks for putting this list on your blog.

Joslyn said...

Thanks so much for the list!!! I can't wait to get started on a bunch of these projects!

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