Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Well Greetings from Hawaii!! I can't believe this is the first time I have been to this place. It is amazing here! The weather is fabulous. I hear it is snowing in Utah right now. For some reason, I am kind of sad that I am not there to see it. I love when it snows. (Remember how I said I love being forced to stay inside my house?) Anyway, Braun and I have had such a good time so far! We got here late Sunday night. Our hotel is great! Even when you are in the hotel, you are still outside. There are flowers and trees all over the place. Sunday we got here and were exhausted.. so we came in and just went to sleep. For 2 days before we got here, my right side of my face KILLED. I have had a cold since before we went to Moab which was 3 weeks ago. It would go away for a day and come back all over again. Its been miserable. Well it turned into a sinus infection. Perfect timing right?? The plane ride was a nightmare! I was seriously crying because it hurt so bad! Well yesterday morning, I called the DR and then went and picked up a Z-Pack at the pharmacy. Today it feels MUCH better. Yaay!!

Oooh Pause... Have any of you guys seen "A Very Brady Sequel??" Oh gosh.. the WHOLE plane ride I had that song that all the Brady Bunch clan was singing on the plane ride to Hawaii. I used to LOOOOVVE that show. I probably still would. I should of watched it before I came. You're in LUCK!! The video is on YouTube!!

Today is the big day!!! Go and VOTE!! I am not going to get Political on this blog, but I read something that I thought was freakin' awesome. Note!! I did not do this to someone, someone sent it to me in an email. ALSO--sorry the font is so dang big.

"Today on my way into a breakfast place (Bob Evans) I drove past a homeless guy with a sign that read "Vote Obama, I need the money." I laughed ...at least he was creative.

Once in the restaurant my server had on a "Obama 08" necktie. I laughed again as she had given away her political preference - she set herself up.

When the bill came I decided not to tip the server and explained to her that I was exploring the Obama "redistribution of wealth" concept. She stood there in quiet disbelief while I told her that I was going to redistribute her well-earned tip to somebody who I deemed more in need - the homeless guy down the street. The server angrily stormed out from my view.

I went outside, drove down the street and gave the homeless guy two bucks and told him to thank the server back at the Bob Evans, as I've decided he could use the money more more than the waitress. The homeless guy seemed puzzled but grateful.

At the end of my rather unscientific redistribution experiment I realized the homeless guy was grateful for the money he did not earn, but the waitress was pretty angry that I gave away the money she did earn even though the actual recipient needed the money more than she did.

I guess "redistribution of wealth" is an easier thing to swallow as an abstract concept than in its practical application. I don't think I managed to change the server's vote, but it was worth a try."

Maybe you all have gotten that email too, but I just thought it was interesting looking at it from that point of view! This lady has a great blog and wrote a post way better than I ever could about her thoughts on it. Go HERE. I wonder who is going to win.. this is the first year I have even paid attention to everything.

Well, a few more things!! Found some great crafty tutorials while I was on a layover in Cali.. Here they are!

Okay back to whats going on.. I am going to write a big post about it when we get back. I am keeping quite the journal while I am here! Yesterday we rented a Jeep Wrangler to drive around in. We are going exploring today! We are going to check out some blowhole and go to Iao Valley to some waterfalls.. I am trying to upload pictures now but it is NOT working very fast. Shoot.. I have some good ones. Wow, this blog post is kind of all over the place. We scheduled a bunch of things that I COULD do being quite pregnant yesterday! This week is going to be awesome. We're going on a helicopter tour of Maui, a Magic Show, a Cirque du Soleil show, and getting pampered with massages and facials Cabana Style!! Yes!! I am going to start uploading all iPhone taken pictures to my flickr stream which is on the right ----------------> so check there for pictures if ya want to!

Found HERE!

And how to dress up your camera strap found HERE!!

K I really gotta go... Braun is getting angry!

P.S. Does Aloha mean 2 different things?? Like Hi and Bye?? How come people say it at the beginning AND end of greetings?? Weird.


Anonymous said...

I agree with believing in what you are voting for, but I don't believe it is our place to judge others. Do you know personally that waitresses finacial obligations? She obviously has a job because she needs the money and who are you to make the judgement of whether she or a homeless man needs it more!

Amy Goffin said...

Aloha means whatever you want. Hello, Goodbye, Love, they use it for everything I swear.


Aloha! Okay Maui is amazing I went there on my honeymoon you must do the road to Hana it is so beautiful! Then you must go see the black sand beach on your way to hana. you can buy a cd that tells you where to stop on your way to hana and you see so many gorgeous things so put that on your things to do. Also Lahaina is so fun the shops around there are pretty funny! Have so much fun I am jealous! I love the thing that you posted about redistribution of wealth its pretty funny and a good point! so ignore anonymous over there! They are mad thinking you did it! ha

The Thueson's said...

haha! Excuse me anonymous!! I think u picked and chose what you wanted to read. I didn't do it to anyone, I got that story sent to me in an email. Maybe I should clarify it a little better! :) I do think it proves a good point although I would never do that to anyone.

Heather said...

wow...I AM SOO JEALOUS your in paradise and i am stuck in the snow...i liked your comment about the waitress...

Ashley said...
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Ashley said...
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Kara Denise... said...

Oh T sizz. I got your back.
And I saw that camera strap tutorial and I am definitely going to make my own.
Now go party it up with B sizz and don't think twice about what anonymous people say.

Anonymous said...

Well, that makes me feel a little better that you didn't do that to someone, but you still put this story on your blog. We are blessed to live in a country that grants us the political freedom to express our opinions without the fear of being marginalized or discriminated against and this story in essence goes against everything this country stands for. I respect and cherish the right you have to post this story but strongly suggest you consider it's meaning! Just as a little reminder, those who do not work, do not receive, so giving to a homeless person, although charitable and good, does not reflect any government policy (republican or democratic) that I'm aware of. Thanks for allowing me to express my opinion.

The Ison Family said...

I am so jealous that you are in Hawaii right now. We have our trip all planned out and reserved but we don't get to go until January 2010! That is sooo far away! Have fun and it will be fun to ready your blog and see pictures. I love Hawaii!!

Angela said...

Enjoy Maui! We just went there in April it was sooo great! If you are in Lahaina ask around for the "Mai Tai" restaurant is is on the main street there on the water and you can sit upstairs overlooking the ocean. You have to walk through a jewelry store to get there.. it was fairly new when we went. You can see a picture of us enjoying the view on the side bar of our blog. Enjoy!

Btw: I still can't believe you flew that far in your last trimester.. you go girl! and I just had a sinus infection.. not fun and I had to fly to San Antonio.

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