Sunday, November 30, 2008

Some Holiday Cheer!!

So.. I have really been in a crafting mood lately. That doesn't mean I have done much crafting.. but I have been in the mood nonetheless. I am about to go bring my sewing machine upstairs (which really makes the hubs mad by the way since I have a craft room for that purpose) so I can get to some of the things I have been wanting to make. I came across this list of Festive Tutorials and I decided to share it with all of you! There are definately a few things on this list I want to make too!

egg carton fairy lights
thrifted holiday trees
mini felt stockings
tomorrowland trees
woolly decorations
jingle mouse ornament
ice wreath
celestine knitted star
froebel star
no sew holiday ornament
woodland ornament
mitten ornament
gumdrop wreath
felt wool pomander (pictured)
little house ornament
advent calendar
pocket advent calendar
blanket stockings
bird mobile
flower pinwheel
bunting flags
stars and hearts ornaments
teepee ornament
paper fortune cookies
easy ornament
festive tutorial roundup
ribbon pinecone ornament
advent calendar tutorial roundup
woolen wreath
owl ornament
fabric chain
stacked fabric trees
santa lucia dolls
pyramid advent calendar
joke tree advent calendar
yoyo advent calendar
cookie sheet advent calendar
felt circle garland
modern paper ornaments
chandelier ornament
paper dove ornament
maddie bird ornament download
mitten ornament
recycled stars
yarn wrapped ornament
button ornament
owl ornament pattern
felt candy cane ornament
ice skate ornaments
peace dove ornament

P.S. I am having a baby in less than a month!! I got my inducement date at my last doctors appointment. With Em I wasn't induced. She just came.. I am a little nervous to be induced this time around. Were you induced?? Was your labor longer? I want this little girl (who is still nameless by the way!) to be here as soon ASAP. Well, as soon as she is ready..hopefully sooner rather than later though! I went into the doctor on Friday for really bad cramping. My whole stomach felt like I had been punched all over the place. They told me I just need to take it easy, I was having contractions when I was in there, but nothing too serious. I have just worn myself out over the past 2 weeks. I am so used to being able to GO GO GO all the time. I need to sit back and take a break from everything now. It really freaked me out thinking she could come anyday now. I am definately not getting my hopes up though c0nsidering Em was 5 days late! Anyway, enough rambling. Has anyone thought of any cute new baby names either?? Gosh.. I need help.

Look what I just bought! :)

Em's room is no longer her room. I got all of her clothes and toys put into her new "Big Girl Room" today! By the way, it isn't near done yet. Walls are painted, bed is up.. but no dresser, decorations, etc. Hopefully this week I can tackle some of that! Well, the walls are still a little bare in the babies room. SOOOO... I ordered me one of these! I don't really know where to put it yet, but it is super cute. You mod-podge your own papers onto it, so it is fully customizable! :) Anyway... you can buy it HERE or enter to win your own glittery chandelier at

Cute eh??

Saturday, November 29, 2008

A little Update!

Well my sister was released from the Neurology Dept. yesterday afternoon. Everyone keeps telling her how incredibly lucky she is. I agree. Here is a little rundown on what actually happened. About 9 days ago, she started having horrible headaches. They didn't get SUPER bad until the 3rd day. She went into the ER at Jordan Valley 3 different times. She got a spinal tap one time, a CT scan the other time and then another time, she just got sent home loaded up on muscle relaxers and morphine. Nothing even touched her headache. Finally on day 6 (which was Thanksgiving Eve) we all headed up to her house and my dad and Braun gave her a blessing. She couldn't even sit through the entire blessing her head hurt so bad. So.. I had heard the U had a really good ER so I decided to take her up there. They did another spinal tap on her which came back normal. I kept thinking in my head.. they need to do an MRI. (My little sister has had seizures for 6 years and at one point was having them every few minutes, so we are a pretty informed family on brain issues.) I started pushing them to do an MRI on her. They are really reluctant to use that machine for some reason. I have heard it is pretty expensive. They said that if she had a tumor or a clot, it would of shown up on the CT scan. Well, they finally agreed at about 4 in the morning. Her MRI results came back and were normal. Well, they told her she had a cyst on her brain.. but that a lot of people have cysts on their brains so not to worry about that. So at about 8:30 they let us go home. That was a LOOONG night in the ER. I tried to get a little sleep on 2 plastic chairs, but it didn't work. I don't even remember most of the car ride home (AND I was driving!) By the time we got home, she was in so much pain again. She couldn't feel her right arm and couldn't move her head in any direction. I called the ER again. They said that since her MRI came back fine, they couldn't do anymore tests. WELL.. about 2 hours went by.. my sister gets a call from a Neurologist there and says she needs to come back in RIGHT NOW because they found a blood clot on her brain. I personally have no idea what a blood clot can do, so I didn't understand the severity of it. Well, I knew that it was definately life threatening.. she headed back up. She called me and told me that if anything happens to her, then I get her kids. Sheesh.. I lost it. Now she thought she was going to die. I just wished I knew as much as those doctors about clots. It frustrated me really bad. Well.. my family went up there and sat in the waiting room. The doctors came and told us how incredibly lucky she was to of found it. That it was a really small clot AND that it was on a vein going OUT of the brain. Which were all good things in this type of situation. They needed to get her on blood thinners immediately to make sure no more clots started to form. They needed to monitor her for 3 days up there. Well, her headache started to feel a lot better which was nice for her. Later that night, they did another CT scan and found that the blood clot had passed. ANOTHER miracle. They let her go home yesterday around 1 PM. By the time we got home, her head was pounding all over again. They think now it is because of all of the morphine, meds, and the 2 spinal taps that she had. Which is completely understandable! BUT.. no more blood clot. (sigh)
Now she has to give herself a shot in the stomach twice a day, take blood thinners for 6 months and go into get her blood checked 2 times a week. Wow...

Anyway, just wanted to give you an update on my sister. Thank you all for the nice calls, texts and comments. You are great!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Ice cream makes everything better!!

It was the first "Black Friday" in who knows how long that I didn't do
my shopping!! It's been an exhausting past few days. I've been tending
my sisters kids and with being 9 months pregnant, long nights in the
ER and 2 crazy 2 year olds that go non-stop.. I'M WORN OUT!! I'm
finally relaxed on the couch with a pint of Ben and Jerrys. I deserve

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008...

Today has been a crazy day. I spent the night with my older sister in the ER. We found out she has a blood clot on her brain after going to 3 different ER's, having a million tests done and her constant headache for the past 7 days. It has been quite a depressing day to say the least. I am not really in any kind of mood to blog, but if you could keep a prayer in your hearts for her. It is really serious and really scary for our family to say the least.

There is so much to be thankful for today...I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tell me some good Magazines!!

I love getting the mail. Not lately thought cause all of my magazine subscriptions have run out. SOOO... what are some of your favorite magazines? I like celebrity gossip, cute house ones, and as you can probably guess... crafty ones!!

So my question is, what are your favorites?? I need to order me some!

Baby stuff...

How much stuff does a baby really need?? Wow.. Im going through Ems
first few months of clothes. It fits into 2 giant totes. What on earth
was I thinking? I am so happy this next baby is a girl. I haven't had
to buy much of anything! It sure is fun looking at all her stuff
again. It's almost like free shopping!! Gotta love that right??

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Need Help!

Okay, I want to buy a bassinet for this new little one. I wanted a Moses Basket a while back and now I think why not get the best of both worlds and just get a bassinet that you can also take the top part off and set places?? Anyway, I like this one but don't like all the white. I am wanting to dye it all a chocolate brown. Anyone have any experience with dying? The only dye I know of is Rit. Do you think it will turn out? I don't want to buy it and ruin it!

Also, have any of you ever seen brown wallpaper/trim anywhere that the bottom is large scallops instead of a line. I am wanting to line the top of Em's room with it. I've Googled like crazy and found nothing!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The long awaited...

Hawaii Post is finally here!! I don't really know how to do this without making this post 10 pages long. We had such a FUN trip. Looking back at pictures, I am suprised we did as much as we did. We have been told by so many friends that they would much rather go to Mexico. I completely DISAGREE! Yes, Hawaii is a lot more expensive, but it is so worth it. We have been to a lot of tropical places and this is definately a favorite. Costa Rica is still at the top in our books! We went to Maui this time and who knows where we will go next time. I want to go all over! The flight was MISERABLE!! It was because I was 8 months pregnant for sure though. I could normally handle long flights.. no problem! Good thing they played movies the whole time on a TV that was right in front of your face. I was able to watch the edited version of Sex and the City and loved it! :) I have been waiting for a while for that one.. anyway, back to Hawaii. Here is the first night we were there, We had just got to our Hotel. We stayed at the Hyatt in Ka'Anapali. It was a beautiful hotel! Every morning we got fed a wonderful buffet breakfast and we got asked if we were honeymooners a million times (even with the large belly) Nope, I wish though!! (Actually I don't. Being first married is an awkward awkward time. Now Braun knows that I am always going to be crazy and hyper all the time, it doesn't go away. Sorry babe!)

We had just gotten "leid" at our hotel! I thought this picture was quite fitting.

This is the center of our hotel. It was all outdoors. I LOVED walking out into it every morning. Hawaii smells WONDERFUL in the morning!

Whenever you walked past this bird, he would whistle at you and say funny things to ya!
We hiked to a blowhole that was AWESOME!! If you go to Maui, you gotta go to it. The hike isn't bad (obviously.. I did it!) and the drive to it is great! You hike along cliffs the whole time. We saw Sea Turtles swimming below us! Sorry, no picture. But here is a bunch of lava rock we hiked through.. and holy smokes.. that stuff is pokey!

Some funny chinese people. They seem goofy.. I wish they would of spoken some english. I am sure I would of laughed.

The blowhole in action!
He didn't want to get wet at all by the blowhole and it got him! It was dang funny...

Braun insisted that we rent a Jeep. I think it made him feel really cool. Everytime we got in it, the music was blaring and he would just dance like a crazy man. I have video as proof. Maybe I should show it to you all. I die laughing everytime I watch it.
Later that day we went to the Iao Needle. It is a cool state park with a big needley rock thing. It is what is poking up between our heads in this picture! Remind me never to take pictures at this angle again. Thanks.

This is a picture from breakfast. We ate in this outdoor place that was so pretty. There were little birds everywhere! Em would of loved it :) Well, right after Braun took this picture, this GIANT bird. I am not even kidding, it was probably 3-4 times the size of these little guys swooped down and plopped (EXTREMELY UNGRACEFULLY!!) down on the plate. It was HILARIOUS!! We were dying laughing about it the whole day.

And somehow we got conned into going to a timeshare presentation. Luckily we got almost $450 off of our excursions we wanted to do which was great. AND the annoying timeshare guy never ended up showing, so we just got to leave! Yeahoooo!

We went to an awesome magic show and Braun and I both got called up onstage to help him out.. it was pretty funny!

And that is all for today! I will blog about the rest later! (Sorry, a lot of the pictures are out of order too and I don't have time to fix them yet!) I have to go and get ready for church now.. oh and wake Emery up too. It is 12:22PM and she hasn't woken up yet. Yes, she is still alive. I have checked on her about 5 times this morning!! :) She just LOVES her sleep I guess!

Ooh and we are having our first Thanksgiving celebration today! I can't wait for dinner :) I love mashed potatoes!!

Friday, November 21, 2008


Don't worry, I won't ruin the movie for anyone. No details here!! :) Except for the fact that I was strangely attracted to Edward in the movie. (Even though he was so creepy and awkward!!) Okay.. enough said because I am sure there are tons of you who HAVEN'T seen it yet. Well, no joke, I researched shirts online for a good part of the day yesterday. I needed one that was...well, perfect. Jenna and I called each other at least 10 times trying to figure out what to do. I wasn't about to resort to buying a generic one AND I needed to tie in the big ole belly somehow too. Well, here is what we came up with!! My shirt says, "My Little Nudger" (which is what Bella calls little Renesmee) and Jennas says "Edward RAVAGED me.. and I liked it!!" haha.. we are crazy.
Here is the group! We got there around 9:30 and the movie started at 12:30. Within the first 5 minutes of the show, I had already fallen asleep. I am not much of a night owl anymore. Good thing Jenna woke me up! I would of been TICKED!

Here is Jenna delivering my little Renesmee. Hahaha.. we are such losers. You should of seen the girls face that I asked to take this picture for us. She was probably 16 and thought we were nuts. Really though, do you blame her?

Look at our creepy necks! (Oh well you can't see mine, but isn't Jennas very REAL looking!??)

So.. I was told by some boy in the theater that I win the prize for the best dressed. Well, to be honest, there wasn't ANY competition! Seriously people?? Are we all too depressed about the economy nowadays to not get all crazy for a movie premier? I thought there would be tons of people in prom dresses and dressed as werewolves and stuff! Jenna and I were out waiting in line for some treats when all the sudden it hit me..We were "THOSE" kind of people. The kind that you go places just to make fun of. I never thought I would be one of "THEM" if ya know what I mean...

Well it was an awesome night.. Thanks so much girls for all of the fun! I LOVED it! :)

P.S. Don't forget to head to Oh Sweet Sadie up in Bountiful! The show started yesterday and goes through tomorrow!! :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Is she how you pictured her?? HaHA! I'll show you the full shirt as
soon as I finish my hair and makeup! :) Oh the night has just begun
and I'm so dang excited!! I feel 12 again and am loving every minute
of it!!

Feeling Creative today??

I just stumbled upon this list. I can't take credit for getting it all together, but THIS lovely lady can! She updates it regularly, so check her blog for more in the future :)

It is 9:30 and I am still in bed. It feels great. Actually it doesn't. My back is killing, I have to pee, my pelvic bones feel like they are cracked, hmm.. WHEN IS THIS BABY COMING AGAIN??

So maybe after I clean my house (which won't take too long, I have kept it clean lately!!) I will blog about Hawaii. I really need to! Oh and maybe Halloween too :) It's not too late right?

OOOH!!! I am going to see Twilight at midnight tonight :) I am pretty excited. SOO.. I need to make myself a t-shirt of some sort. Anyone have any funny ideas? I really need them!! I was thinking maybe tying the big ole belly into it? Throw Renesmee into the picture. I dunno.. anyway, what funny things have you seen written on Twilight shirts?? PLEASE comment below if you have any ideas!

EDITED TO ADD: I know what I am doing for my shirt. Yes, I have been researching on the internet for quite awhile. Well, didn't find this idea on the internet. I will give you a hint. It requires fake blood, some stick on letters, and HALF yes, you read that right HALF of a baby doll. I hope Em doesn't mind me chopping one of hers up. Eew. that sounds terrible :) YEEESSS!! I am so excited. (and extremely immature)

Anyway, on to the wonderful list:


Stuff to wear

For the baby
Quilt it up

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


These are my new favorite clip. I attach them to everything. Sweaters,
headbands, beanies etc. Here's the assembly line! I'll post the
finished product in a bit! They will me at the Oh Sweet Sadie show in
Bountiful starting tomorrow! If you live up North, be sure to come!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What in the WORLD???

I just stumbled upon THESE bad boys. Do people seriously wear these? This to me is absolutely disgusting. They are squirrels feet.

Anywhooo- what is on the agenda today? Anyone doing anything fun? I surely am not. I went to Pottery Barn yesterday and bought Emery's bedding. When I got there, I wasn't totally in LOVE with it. Pottery Barn likes to accentuate the colors in their catalogs. I knew that, but still.. I hate how when you buy bedding from there, it already looks like it has been washed a million times. Does anyone know what I am talking about? Anyway.. I ended up buying it all anyway. I think just because I was super excited about those cute owls. (Which I ended up buying too.. gosh!) WELL- that night, I get home, get it all set up on my bed so I can see it. Braun gets home and says.."That doesn't look as nice as it looked in the magazine." So he seconds my thoughts. I didn't agree because I am stubborn and if I do, he will say to take it back. Again, those OWLS are just too dang cute. Well, we go to run some errands last night. One of which was buying some light blue paint for the walls. I am getting more and more excited about it. THEN--I want to make her a big puffy bedskirt out of tulle. Anyone see the one on the Game Plan? (Lame movie by the way!) but it is my inspiration for her bedskirt. So we stopped at Target. While I was in there, I found a cute quilt. The best part of it was that if I bought Em the set from Target, it would save me over $250 dollars... why did I have to see it? I was a tad irritated. Should I tell Braun? No.. he will make me get it. I went back and forth in my head a million times. By the time we got almost home, the guilt had set in.
Me- "I found a cute quilt in Target. I don't like it as much, but its cute."
Braun-"How much was it?"
Me- "A lot cheaper"
Braun- "You better go there and buy it tomorrow."
Then he proceeds to turn around himself and head back to Target at 9:50PM. I walked in and out within 5 minutes. New quilt in hand. Gosh Dang Pottery Barn, why oh why do you have to be so expensive?? I wanted those cute owls. So the room painting starts today. It is still going to be light blue. I hope her room doesn't turn out easter egg looking. There are a lot of pinks in this new bedding. I will be ticked. I am not going to show the room until it is done though. So that should be this weekend :) Does anyone else stress about kids rooms like I do? Gosh.. I hate decorating.

3 things I learned: Don't buy paint until you LOVE the bedding, keep your mouth shut, and NEVER buy a pair of squirrel feet earrings. Yuck.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Me, Myself and I:

  • I am: a mom, sister, daughter, aunt and a wife!
  • I think: about crafting all day long.
  • I know: that my husband loves me.
  • I want: our baby to be here. Like Now.
  • I have: a clean house today.
  • I dislike: cleaning. Except lately.. its weird. I actually clean up after myself all day lately.
  • I miss: my family. Even though they all live close.
  • I fear: someone that I love or care about dying.
  • I feel: nervous for a 2nd baby.
  • I hear: Em coughing in the other room.
  • I smell: my Scentsy candle. Mmmm... Spiced Orange Harvest is my favorite :)
  • I crave: Soup. Really, I do. Breakfast, lunch AND dinner.
  • I usually: do at least 1 crafty thing a day.
  • I cry: when I am stressed.
  • I search: the internet a LOT.
  • I wonder: what day this baby will come and if I will of decided on a name yet. I'm getting closer though! I've narrowed it down to one (still undecided though because it doesn't seem "PERFECT!"
  • I regret: dating one boy throughout high school.
  • I wish: I saw my husband more.
  • I love: my family.
  • I care: about my friends and family.
  • I always: have my phone near me.
  • I worry: about Emery and Braun.
  • I am not: organized. ALTHOUGH-- right now my house is SUPER organized. Thanks Heather!
  • I remember: nothing. I have a horrible memory.
  • I believe: in the gospel.
  • I sing: when I am alone.
  • I argue: never. I think it's pointless.
  • I write: in my journal.
  • I win: at a lot of things. I am a VERY lucky person. (KNOCK ON WOOD!) :) I believe it all started HERE. Thanks you guys for making me go!
  • I lose: with Emery. Everytime. Spoiled little girl...
  • I don't understand: math anymore.
  • I can usually be found: at home.
  • I need: to paint Emery's new room. Bedding has been bought by the way! :)
  • I forget: everything. I am a scatterbrain.
  • I am happy: with my life. It couldn't be better.

A little Holiday Inspiration...

Click on picture to enlarge.
Check out how dang cute this garland is hanging on their walls? I want to do it. It would take a while and I absolutely suck at wrapping presents, BUT I think it is the cutest thing! Now I just have to find lotsa odd shaped boxes and super cute wrapping paper. That shouldn't be hard though.. And seriously, do people really change their bedding with the seasons?? Looking at Pottery Barns catalogs and through their site, they have Christmas CRIB bedding! Crazy people. I guess if I had tons of money to just waste, maybe?? I dunno.

Oooh! I have decided on what to do in Em's new room. I am painting today! :) Lets see how much I seriously get done. I HATE painting... Anyway, wanna see it? Here it is!
Anyone know if Pottery Barn has discount codes anywhere? I am having a hard time hitting the PLACE ORDER button without using some sort of discount code!

and I am going to get the fabric to sew these babies up. I have been wanting to make softies for a while now, so this gives me a great excuse!
P.S. Thank you so much for going to Oh Sweet Sadie you guys!! I have the best friends :) I think that was my best show I have done yet thanks to you!! Don't forget if you live up North to come this weekend to the Bountiful show. It is going to have different vendors, be in a great house and just be all around fun!

P.S.S. Don't forget to still answer my crochet/knit post. I really want to learn! Jennie--when is your Enrichment? AND are you going? That might be weird for me to come alone :)

I couldn't get Em to look at me with a smile yesterday, so this was the best we got. This picture here actually made us 5 minutes late for church. Was it worth it?? I doubt it.

My gift to you...

I found it while searching online for something to make for Sunday dinner. I love trying out new random recipes (Well, when they work out anyway!) I had just found a delicious looking Parmesan Chicken recipe when I stumbled upon something amazing. Are you ready for it?? Here it is. I present to you.. OLIVE GARDENS ALFREDO SAUCE!! Straight from Mr. O.G. himself.
Found HERE.

1 1/2 cup milk
1 1/2 cup heavy cream
1/2 cup imported Parmesan cheese, grated
1/2 cup imported Romano cheese, grated
6 egg yolks from fresh jumbo eggs
Salt and black pepper to taste
***I also added a LITTLE garlic powder (not garlic salt) to mine, it tasted exactly like it!!*** So yummy!

1. HEAT milk and cream in a heavy bottom saucepan until it begins to simmer. Turn off heat. Slowly whip in cheese, then remove from heat.
2. PLACE egg yolks in a separate bowl and slowly whip in a portion of the hot milk and cream mixture. Slowly add egg yolk mixture back into remaining cream mixture. Place back on very low heat and continually stir until simmering. Take sauce off heat so it thickens. (This will increase temperature of egg yolks, known as tempering).
3. SEASON to taste with salt and black pepper. Serve over your favorite pasta.

Seriously, the texture, taste, everything is just the same. If any of you live close and want my cheeses, I still have them both and am sure I won't use them. They are all yours! Send me a text :)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I really want to...

know how to knit and crochet. Anyone know any good classes around here or know of anyone (or a friendly grandma) that would teach me?

Image stolen from HERE.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Another Brain Dump...

Well, I am back in bed trying to take a nap and have a million things in my head. So, where better to pour them out?? I fell asleep at 2AM this morning and had to be at set up for Oh Sweet Sadie by 6:30AM. Yuck! But, I got all set up.. things are looking great over there!! Here are a few of my purchases:

This sweet magnetic dry erase board for Em at church. She is going to love it!
Some stocking stuffers . These were 2 for $5 dollars. Seriously people... you gotta get there!

This cute magnetic calendar for my fridge!

(There was a picture right here, BUT I took it down, Mahina, you had a great point! Thanks!!)

Oh, I got a pink cookie too. That was gone before I even got home. But it was delicious. If you go, you gotta get one of those! Ooh and Christmas Decoration!! This was only $18 dollars! I love a good deal:) and I especially love that its handmade!

Also, there are 2 more Oh Sweet Sadie shows after this one. One next weekend in Bountiful (I will put another reminder up!) and one the weekend of December 4-6th in Daybreak!! There are always different vendors at all of the shows, so come to all of them if you can!

Next on the agenda.. A few people have commented and said that they can't make it to the Photoshop class tomorrow (being taught by the amazing AMY!) Well.. you are in luck. They are having another class. Here is what Amy had to say, "We're having another class on Dec. 13 from 8am-12pm for all those who can't make it this time. I also wanted to let you know, we'll be giving away a FREE Ali Edwards template CD to one lucky winner at the class!
" Yahoo!! Be sure to look 2 posts down for more info on this Saturdays class as well as the one in December..

Did any of you guys watch Oprah 2 days ago?? She is doing a 6 week "Clean up your house tour!!" It gave great ideas on how to get your house clutter free in the next 6 weeks! I am not sure how often those episodes are going to air. Anyone know? It was so fun to watch though! AND.. ever see those cute hardbound books where you upload your pictures to a website and they make it into a book? Through midnight tonight, you can get a free one! Go HERE for more info!! I am sure your parents would love one for Christmas! *It is normally $30 bucks!!

I am really confused about something. I am NOT trying to start a debate on here, I just really want to be informed. SOO.. about Proposition 8. I have been seeing on the news that people are rioting outside of L.D.S. Temples and churches. Someone the other day left a package of white powder (last I heard, they didn't know what it was) outside of the SLC Temple. Honestly, why does it seem that the Mormons are being blamed for this passing? Or is that just how I see it? I know that the church came out and said where their stand on it was, but are people not seeing that there were plenty of other people who didn't like it either? Again.. I am just wanting to know if I am feeling **attacked** or if that I am looking at it in the wrong way. If you google videos on rioting outside of churches and temples, it is really sad. I really liked reading what this guy had to say HERE.

Here are some really sad pics of a California temple from the other day..

Now on a lighter note...
I am thinking of having a girls night at my house for whoever wants to come! Maybe all bring a little something to eat and make a fun craft. These cute little cupcake bath bombs would be a fun gift huh? Would anyone want to come over? I am being serious! If some people really do, I will plan it! Wouldn't they make cute Visiting Teaching gifts or even a cute little present topper? Tutorial found HERE.

Okay.. time for me to take a nap now before Braun gets back with Emery! Have a fabulous day! Don't forget to stop by at the boutique today.. It is at Noah's in South Jordan. Right off the freeway on the west side. Call me if you get lost!

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