Sunday, October 26, 2008

Well hello again!!

So I fought my urge and didn't go buy anything from Gymboree. Although, I still REALLY want to.. I am not going to do it. I am sure Braun will be proud.

Today we celebrated Em's birthday party! Our cute little 2 year old had a blast. She has gotten everything she asked for for the past 2 days. "Baba's" included. She never wants a bottle, but she saw it and changed her mind and with it being her birthday, I just couldn't say no! I will post pictures of that tomorrow. I took a gazillion and I've gotta sort through them all still!

So for now, here are pictures of our Vegas trip! It was super fun. Lots of yummy food, fun friends and best of all.. I got to hang out with my husband for 3 days in a row!! :) P.S. We go to Maui later this week!! I am so excited. We are staying at the Hyatt in Ka' Annapali(sp???) so if anyone knows anything fun to do around there, let me know!

Now onto Vegas...
Well we flew into Vegas and got picked up by a white hummer limo! It was cool :) I've never been in a Hummer before, let alone a Hummer LIMO!!

It took us to In N' Out for a delicous greasy filled lunch!!

Inside the sweet ride.. haha :) Our driver was this mid-40 guy who REALLY needed to floss his teeth and was obsessed with late 90's rap. Pretty sweet!
We stayed at "The Hotel" at Mandalay Bay. It was AWESOME!! They have a real "Beach" with waves, sand and everything. It was so nice to be able to relax in the nice warm weather. I even got a bit of a sunburn! Yeahooo! Oh and yes.. that is me in the middle. I am looking pretty large and in charge in this picture. Eh, that is what happens when you get into your pre-pregnancy swimsuit at 8 months along. I wonder what I am going to wear in Maui. I don't think my swimsuit waists can take much more of my motherly birthing hips.

The "REAL" waves!!

Here I am with the creepy blue man... Oh I wanted to pick at his face mask thingy so bad. I just sat there and stared..

Inside the blue man show!

Me on one of my many bathroom breaks during the show. We went to dinner before and I got a little carried away apparently...Ooooh! Notice my poop green phone cover. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! I love green!
So one of the nights, they didn't have a limo for us and so we rented a "Party BUS!" Complete with 2 stripper poles. Yes, big ole me even took a whirl on it. It was hilarious!!! I have video of it all but haven't uploaded anything yet!

Funniest comment of the whole trip came from Missy. We were driving to Caesars Palace and pulled up to one of these "U-Haulish" trucks with the hot babes on the side. Missy looked at it for a second and goes.. "So.... like do they just load that truck up with sleezy girls like they would with animals and drop them off somewhere when people call??" Oh I about died. It was hilarious!!

We went to Joes Snow Crab or whatever it is called at Caesars. That is THEE most amazing seafood place in the world. I can't think of the real name of the place. It is our 2nd time there and both times were fabulous!!! I am not even a fish fan but when it comes to Joes, I can't help it.

We had such a fun few days! It was so nice to be able to get out of ole Utah for a change. Especially to somewhere warm! I'll be back tomorrow to post about Em's birthday party! It was fun!

Also, I added everyones blogs to my sidebar. I categorized it by friends, platinum friends, hair school friends..etc. So check to make sure you are there. There were a few of you that left comments and when I went to click on your blog from the comment, it wouldn't let me onto your blog. I think it happened like 10 times, so if your name isn't on there.. that is probably why!! And if you didn't leave a comment.. leave it here so that I can add you!!

Oh and have you guys seen Baby Mama?? It is a DANG funny show. I LOVE it! Maybe its cause I am pregnant, but seriously.. some of the lines in this show are freakin' funny.
I just wrote a paragraph of the funny lines from the show and when I re-read it I sounded like an idiot. So just trust me.. its funny.

I am a little behind on TAGS.. but here is one I thought was fun, quick and easy!! Go to your picture files, find the 4th folder and the 4th picture in it.. post it and do a quick explanation!
I had just gotten my ring back after a few months of it sitting in my closet. The diamond had been loose. Braun had been bugging me to take it in (I was getting hit on too many times..yeah right..totally kidding!) and I took a picture on my phone and sent it his way! It was an exciting day.

Oooh! Happy ALMOST Halloween.. Anyone know of a good costume for me?? Keep in mind the belly. I just googled and came up with this. haha! Eeew! Beer belly or pregnant belly??
So please help me.. I don't want to be white trash.


Kara Denise... said...

I love that in almost all your Vegas pics you are giving a thumbs up! Ha ha, very T sizzlish. And I can only imagine how tempted you were to pick at that blue mans face. I bet he was just a little freaked out by your staring...

the hogan's said...

The cutest preggo costume that my friend did at our party the other night was Juno! It was way funny. Ive never seen the show but they looked exactly like the couple in it. Ive also had a friend do the pregnant nun.

Jessie said...

It's pretty funny how on the hot girl truck the majority of the numbers in the phone number are 6's and 9's. I wonder if they planned that?! Looked like a fun trip!

Rachel said...

That was a really long post. I love all the pictures. Especially the one on the beach. I love that HOTEL! Its so nice. Thanks for going to lunch today. I miss you so much. The girls had fun and I am just praying that we dont get sick because of you and Emery. How's the nails going?

Matt and Jenna said...

Well I have to say I use to pile into one of those trucks, tell Missy they have AC so they aren't too bad!! Haha! How fun, I loved that Hotel too!!

Melissa (Missy) Eva Streiff said...

Wait wasn't that you who said that Tara?? How dare you blame your airhead comments on me!!! lol.

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