Tuesday, October 7, 2008

{A Week In The Life-Day 1}

Here is my yesterday! I can't wait to get this all journaled up and in a book! :) I think its such a fun idea.. if you don't want to see what I do all week long.. come back next week!!

8am-- Wake up; blog surf in bed til 9
9am--decide rice pudding sounds good.. start cooking!
10:30--Em wakes up. Helps me make chocolate chip cookies and feeds herself oatmeal for breakfast.
11am--Bethany (neighbor) comes over with Daisy (her daughter) Em is a bum and doesn't share with her :(
11:30 dishes. The detergent door doesn't open, I have to wash them again.
12:00 finish cookies, clean car out so Braun can take it.
12:30 Braun leaves to go hike the Narrows with some of his Managers from work. He is super excited!! Forgot his GPS and so I had to go meet him at Maverick.
1:45 Laundry..ugh! I asked Em if she wanted to watch "The Wizard of Oz" and she replied with "SURE MOM!!" Huh?? Who taught her that?
2:00 Em nap.. cries in bed for 15 minutes before falling asleep.
2:05 I realized I haven't eaten yet today (except for cookies!!) make myself some grandpa noodles. I eat these at least twice a week.
2:30 Sewed some pages for the Quiet book and made some Tissue Cozies. Cleaned.
4:30 took a nap!
Took cookies to neighbors
6:30 Went to Rachels for dinner. I love the mountains around here!
9:40 Realized my Prison Break didn't record. I am ticked!!

What am I doing you ask?? Click HERE to see this ladies and read back on her posts!


Gentri said...

Um, how do you get a daughter that wakes up at 10 AM? I'm sure I'm not the only crazy Mom wondering that!! :)

Zach and Katie Hillstead said...

ok seriously you always have so many good ideas on here. i am starting to feel ridiculous because I always want to do them all! This is such a fun idea. Are you going to use the same design as her's? It is so cute

Kami said...

what are grandpa noodles?

Melanie S. Tripp said...

AAAAHHHHH!!!! I was going to ask you if those were Grandpa's noodles! Oh man!! I miss Grandpa's noodles! Will you make me some?? PLEEEAAASSSEEE??? I have a cold right now and those would taste SO yummy! ;)

Elise and Danny Neilsen said...

Tara! Hi, this is Elise (Grizzle) Neilsen. I went to Bon Losee with you. I came across your blog through Brittany Faiga's. Cute, Cute family! And, cute "A week in the life" idea. I love the idea, I might have to go for it!

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