Saturday, October 11, 2008


Can you believe that it is SNOWING outside?? What the heck is the deal?? I guess it is the middle of October already. STILL! SNOW???? Thats just nuts. Well, Em and I have had a fun past couple of days. Here is proof!

Went to Chili's with Rach and Jaidyn. There is a picture of all 4 of us, but holy smokes.. BAD angle for the pregnant lady so just use your imagination.

Em snapped my glasses in half the other night and so we had to get me some new ones. She wanted to try some on for herself!
Grilled Cheesies in the car! Actually Brauns car... don't tell him we ate in it.

My blossoming belly. Holy shiz.. this girl is going to kill me soon. I have the worst heartburn EVER!!!

One Day... (yeah right!)

My beautiful friend Amy at her reception :)

We went on a picnic yesterday and had a muffin tin lunch. Em loved it!

Finished a blanket for Paisley/Aniston/Indie this morning. Em thinks its hers!

Went to the dollar store and got some fun dress ups for Em!

Painted tombstones for the front yard! Spooky!!

Dracula Diesel and Ellie the Witch!

Did a lot of "WizdaBoz" watching.. Translation--The Wizard of Oz

And started making some more hair clips!

And made Braun take me to Chin Wah! Yummy!


The Mcclellan Family said...

I'm not wavering one bit Tara - I'm still all for Indie. I think we were on the phone when you ordered those grilled cheesers though, weird.

Olivia Carter said...

Secret reader here. I just wanted to say I think we might have twin-ish dogs. We have a little dog just like Ellie. Cute Costumes!

The Nelson Family Smorgasbord said...

Tara, I LOVE that muffin tin lunch idea! So flippin' cute!!

*LAYLA and AUSTIN* said...

Love Aniston, LOVE IT! That name has actually been on my list of "baby names" before. Totally dig it. I think that is the winner. And I don't think they will call her anal--maybe annie--but that is cute too. I had an absolute ball with you the other day--your rock! Let me know when you and mr. braun can do body world! Looking forward to it chica! =) Let's have a girls night and look at some more facebook pictures--ha ha ha. Oh and I know I have told you this a million times but you are little miss creative--when we move out by you I am going to hire you out!

Joslyn said...

Love the muffin tin picnic! Oh- and I love the side view of your belly while you're painting the cute! :)

Gentri said...

So I have two things to tell you, first of all, I think you are awesome and how you do all the things you do, I'll never know! I was tired from painting all day today, but then I looked at your blog and I thought you'd be pretty tired too :) Also, the other morning Ryder woke up at 6:30 AM (that's 5:30 Utah time!)and I'm not joking the first thing I thought of as I lay there trying to get him to be lazy for at least another hour, was how Em probably wouldn't wake up for at least another 3 hours!! You are one lucky Mom ;)

Mike and Felisha said...

I LOVE the muffin tin picnic!! That's such a cute idea!! Also I love the blanket you made I was going to ask you about it at OG the other day. How did your murder mystery go? I bet it was a blast!!! Sorry about postponing the BBQ we just got back from the Dr. and Brynlee has an ear infection definately don't want to give that to Em!! Oh and I LOVE Aniston it's definately my favorite!!! Let's for sure start girls night since the boys are going to be gone every Tues!!

Travis and Sadi said...

OKAY... your blog is seriously my favorite. I love that you post everything.. ha it always makes me laugh. I love all the cute crafts and recipes, now if only I was half as talented as you and could actually figure out how to make them (I love love LOVED those little baby booties you put the pattern up for... you should make and sell those). Little Emery is so cute- I love how you can tell she totally has personality and attitude just by her pictures. P.S. I think the name Aniston is so DANG CUTE!

The Clarks said...

Have you ever been bored? I swear you are just doing one thing after another! I get tired looking at your blog. jk I love it! OK so pictures. I am nannying up until friday... so I ould do it this sat, sun, or pretty much anyday net week. The place that we went to is in Amerian Fork. It is way oool, but if you have another plave in mind, we can go wherever... Oh and we went to Maui 2 years ago, and it was Saweeeet! I would stay at the marriot maui ocean club hands down. But seriously I would reccomend finding a timeshare to rent out...It is usually the heapest way to go! is one that I know of. Good luck!

Amy Goffin said...

Thanks for posting pictures of me half asleep at the wedding. ha ha. Oh boy. I love the muffin tin lunch. That's cute.

Gentri said...

I hope your next baby looks like you too :) But Em is adorable so it'll be ok if you get another Em look-a-like! My hair is naturally dark. In HS I bleached it like every month and I was just really sick of doing that, so I went brown. The color it's at right now is pretty natural, but I've been black before too. Why are you thinking of going dark? Wait, I saw that you once went dark....I think!?! I also want to have like bright red hair-I love that color of hair!

Hayley Neil said...

Tara you are stinkin' rad. I love all the stuff you have been making lately and I especially love that muffin tin lunch! So fun! Your belly is looking so so cute!

Team Fraser said...

new reader here! I love the much fabric and what type is the white part? I want to make one for my new little one! Please leave a comment or email me thanks!

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