Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I have the urge...

to blog and I don't have enough time to post everything that I want to. Today has been great!! My mother in law came and got Em until tomorrow night!! yeahooo!! So I went to lunch with some cute neighbors and went to achievement days!! We made some pom pom pens :) I will post pictures later.
Ooh!! I got some cute boots.. wanna see them? Sure you do.. I liked them so much, I got them in 2 colors!

Oh and the Petunia Pickle Bottom sale started today!!! It was a semi-success!! I got 2 bags, BUT it was a pain in the you know what. I kept putting the one that I REALLY wanted in my cart and when it would get there, it would say it was out of stock. UGH!! Annoying. AND so many people were on their site, it was going super slow which made impatient Tara even more ticked. SOOOO... if you still want a bag, go to Wanna see my selections??

The cake bag is so cute BUT there is no way I would ever buy that thing full price. Holy smokes.. I am a cheapo! So Mrs. Petunia, thanks for having a sale!!! :)

Now all I gotta do is get this little girl here..
Here is my big buddha belly at 29ish weeks! Yep. I am out there!

Okay gotta run! Braun is at traffic school and I am going to girls night out with my neighborhood girls! :) Have fun!!


The Parks Fam said...

Please promise me that you will leave me a comment when you read this and tell me where you got those adorable boots so I can buy them ASAP!! I LOVE EM! and....You got the CAKE petunia????!! Isn't it like a million dollars? or did you find a good deal?? I will have to check that sale out. Thanks Tara!

The Parks Fam said...

I was just at Forever Young shoes and didn't see them. :( I will have to go back cause they are DARLING.. You have amazing taste.

SOOO... I ended up buying the blue cake one online just barely. I figure I will just return the one I got at Nordstrom, that gives me a good excuse to buy it right? so I hope its okay I copied you!!! :) I have been eyeing the Cake ones since they came out but couldn't imagine paying $360 so when they were that good of a deal I had to do it. Thanks for the idea! .;) I love it!

Mike and Felisha said...

Your boots are way cute!! Where did you get them?? I also was getting frustrated on the petunia pickle bottom website it was WAY slow!!!

P.S.I LOVE the "martha" costume!!

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