Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Em!!!

Here is the birthday girl on her special day!! She is being so cute
today. Daddy got her a cute necklace and she's wearing her new
birthday shoes and dress. She got to ride on her daddys back while he
mowed the lawn (her favorite!!) and he is now taking her to ride the
fire truck at the car wash. Another favorite. We aren't celebrating
until tomorrow. But if all goes as planned, This girl is going to look
adorable in her mama-made birthday attire!! I love having this girl in
our family!! Just LOVE it!!


Kara Denise... said...

Happy birthday Em! And once again, you guys got served.

Jennie B. said...

Man. She's cute! Happy Birthday little Emery! 2? Holy cow.

Julie said...

Yes it is my Emery's birthday today too. That is kinda crazy!! What time did you deliver? I delivered at 3:55pm EST in Atlanta.
I was actually started on pitocin the night before and enduced early the 25th (I was 1 week past my due date).

Rachelle Cooper said...

happy birthday emery!! wow 2 yrs that crazy.. time flies eh??
Elias will be 2 this november as well..

joep your doing good!

Greg and Ky said...

She is so cute! Im sure you will have a fun day celebrating!

Hayley Neil said...

Happy Birthday Emery! Tara! You have a two year old! Ha! That is so rad!

Gentri said...

Happy Birthday little gorgeous Emery!! I've got to see her in the polka dot stuff, sure wish they had cutes stuff like that for boys...maybe I need a girl (!!)

ashley knell said...

Tara! You may or may not remember me - Ashley (Cahoon) from the good ol' BL. Oh, those hair school days. What memories. It's been so fun to look at your blog. You have the cutest little girl! How fun that there's a second little one on the way. Hope to be in touch.

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