Friday, October 3, 2008

Another Brain Dump!!

Well, I have a lot of random things on my mind today!! So here goes nothing!!

Have you registered to vote?? This is my first time voting! I should of before, but I really feel like I need to this time around. I read somewhere yesterday that if you are doing mail in registration, your envelope needs to be post-marked by tomorrow, so get on it!! Register at
P.S. Did you watch the VP debate?? I LOVE PALIN!! Maybe it was the fact that she said "Golly Gosh Darn!" on intense TV... totally something I would do. I think I need to be sporting one of THESE cute little things! Contact her HERE to get your own!

I got all of my supplies to make my book yesterday! I am making the full alphabet and am making it neutral for both genders. Should be cute! I will update you with a few pictures as soon as I make my first page. I know a few people bought them.. who are you?? I want to check your blog for pictures!

SO.... Braun and I decided where to go on vacation next week! It was out of Hawaii or New York and we chose New York! We went there on our 2nd honeymoon in 2005 and really wanted to go back. Maybe Hawaii will have to come in the spring or something :) SOOOO... now what? I know a lot of friends have been there.. what are some MUST DO'S in New York! We are for sure seeing Wicked, going shopping, China Town, Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero.. but what else? We are going Sunday to Saturday morning. HELP!! (Layla, I expect a SUPER long list of things to do from you!)

I found an AWESOME blog yesterday. It is the Daily DIY. Daily crafty tutorials all compiled into one place! Check it out.. you are BOUND to be sucked iN!

Another random.. ya know those little ghosts that you people bring you around halloween with a treat??? Well, here is a cute alternative! I think its such a great idea, want to start it? Go HERE for the templates and tutorials! The only thing I think that it is missing is something for you to leave on your door or window letting people know you already got "BOOed" So, don't forget that!
So I started uploading things to FlickR! There is a Link with pictures on my sidebar over there!!----------------------------------------------------->>> I plan on uploading lots and lots, so keep checking it. I will post pictures on that instead of blogging lots of random ones on here all the time.

Anyone know how I can get tickets to Body World? I really want to go. Is that weird of me?? It is in SLC, Utah until.. wait, I don't know when it is leaving. Do you?

Okay, so... have you ever wanted to document your day?? Like pictures and everything! I think it would be such a fun way to make a journal. I am a little obsessed with journals. Well, starting Monday of this week, I am going to document my days! Boring stuff and all! I am going to do it for a week. It was a "Blog Challenge" on Ali Edwards blog and she is doing it this week. It is called "A Week in the Life" I wanted to see how she did it first before I dove in, but it should be super easy and really fun. Look at her blog HERE to see what she has done. My journals always have LOTS of DooDLeS in them, so I am sure they are going to look a lot like THIS ladies. Minus the amazing handwriting... and perfect doodles. Who is on board?? I know that Kara is doing it.. who else??

SEE!! This post has been super random!! I think its over now, but there is hardly any pictures on it. I must change that.

I made Emery a bunch of those rag bows that you are seeing all over the place! She wanted them ALL in her hair at once. Silly girl!

And I even made a flower for myself! Nope, I am not too old for that kind of stuff. I wore it proudly all day yesterday.

Went to lunch with my mom yesterday! I was tending Kendall and boy, these girls are nutty when they get together. Seriously..CRAZY!! How am I going to handle 2 kids? I am really nervous for myself. Aren't they cute though?? Em was being a stinker and not looking at me.
Well as always... lots to do today! Hope you have a fabulous day!!


The Parks Fam said...

Tara, I want one of those Car trash bags that you make. Do you have any left?? I totally wanna buy one! I am going down to Utah County area today and thought I could meet you off the freeway or something? So if you gets this comment in the next little bit before I leave let me know. I am going to Thanksgiving point..Do you live anywhere near there? if not maybe if you could mail it that would be awesome too. I wish I could leave my number on here for you, but I am too big of a whimp to post it. Just leave me a comment, Thanks!!!

Jessie said...

My New York suggestion for you (we were just there the end of August) is to go to Barnes and Noble and pick up this book. Flip to the neighborhood walks section. We did the Greenwich Village walk and it was AMAZING. Honestly, one of my favorite things we did while we were there. Eat at John's of Bleecker Street pizzeria while you're there.

The Parks Fam said...

Okay so my day got a little crazy and of course i didn't make it down there as of yet...But I do need to get down that way eventually, if not this weekend then sometime next week I will be coming that way. So I will call you. Thanks soo much Tara!!


You have to tell me how you make her cute rag bows!! They are adorable! Your blog is great! You have so much fun stuff on here. I just started blogging and have much to learn!

Kara Denise... said...

I can't wait for both of our daily journal posts! People will think we are crazy sizzle! Which we are! Yahoo!

justin and jess said...

Hi Tara-
I found your blog off a couple other blogs that I read. I do not want to be a blog stalker so I thought I would leave a comment. Thanks for all of your cute ideas. I enjoy seeing all of your creations.

Rommel and Christy said...

Thanks for the link rockthevote. It is pretty pathetic that I have never registered too...I will be 29 is less than a week. Oh well, at least I did it this time right?

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