Wednesday, September 3, 2008

You'll never guess...

I FOUND ONE OF THOSE MACHINES!!!!!!! Hallelujah! I'm super happy. It's
10:00 at night, but I don't care. I just went and picked it up from an
older couple in Provo. What luck?? I must of paid extra tithing this
month or something :) Anyway, just had to blog about it cause I'm
really happy I don't have to set 460 snaps by hand! And of course I
can't blog without a picture. This pic was taken at my
Doctors appointment yesterday. Em just loves having her daddy home. It
is the cutest thing ever. She follows him around all day.

P.S. We are still having a GIRL!!! I'm really stressing about girl
names, so it would of been a relief to hear him say it's a boy. I've
had my first boys name picked out for years!! I've definately started
the weight gain process (took a little longer this time around, but Im
pretty dang sure Ive caught up to last time...ugh!) And the best part
about the whole day is that they moved up my due date! That's always a
good thing to hear :)


Greg&Ky said...

I'm so glad your having another girl! She is going to be so cute just like Emery! I want to come to the What Women Want expo and see all of your stuff. It all looks so cute. I will try and make it and see your booth... I want a litter bag! Good luck getting it all ready!

The Miles Family said...

Emery is darling! She will be such a good big sister. It was good to see Braun last week. (or whenever it was?!) I have been meaning to ask you where you get all of your trendy material. I am wanting to make some curtains for my kitchen and I want something bright and fun. I figured you would be the girl to ask.

the murdocks said...

Seriously, I'm with ya on the girl names...they suck! Boy names to me are much easier to think of.

Ashley said...

What names do you like for another girl? Emery is such a cute name...the next one will be too. :)
When is your due date? December 2nd???

Joslyn said...

Emery is so stinkin' cute! Her hair is getting long and it's starting to look like big girl hair now!... Does that make sense? :) I think the girl's names you were thinking of were cute (weren't you thinking Paisley or Ivory [not sure on the spelling]?) I really like Paisley. I wish I lived closer so I could go to that Expo, it sounds fun!

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