Friday, September 5, 2008

The Utah Womens Expo is today!!!!

Hey everyone... Come to the Womens Expo today!! It is at the David O
McKay center at UVU (UVSC) there is lots of fun stuff! Heck, you can
even get ZOOM whitening done at the show:) :) If you come around lunch
or dinner time, Rumbi will be there with some yummy food! It goes from
11-8 today and tomorrow. Don't forget to come and say hi! I'm on the
main floor (where courts usually are)

Also, I'm leaving all tickets under my porch mat. If you want some,
come and get them from my house. Please don't take more than you need
cause I only have 15 or so left.

See ya there!!!


Kim Hendricks said...

I'd love to get one of your little trash bags...if you have any left, will you let me know? THANKS!

Kyle and Michelle said...

tara hey its michelle from school. my blog is it was good seeing you. we should all go to lunch again soon!

The Morzelewski Family said...

oh man! I really wanted to come to that, I didn't realize it was this weekend. I think I was getting it confused with the "What Women Want" expo. Are you doing that one too???

Melissa (Missy) Eva Streiff said...

oh nuts I missed the expo. I haven't been online for a WHILE! How the freak have you been.I really just wanted to say I am jealous of the trailor!! I told Jason we should get one this weekend and then I saw that! I'm not even kidding..ha ha no fair

The Thueson's said...

Hey Kim, yes I have a lot left! Let me know your email and we can go from there! :)


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